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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Pink, Purple, Pretty

I'm currently knitting pink cloths in an array of shapes and sizes for the main bathroom. We're having lots of guests lately, so I want a good variety of cloths for them to choose from. Oh, the pink with be for the ladies. I'll start knitting several burgundy and green for the guys when the pinks are all finished.

The lavender/purple cloth is one I'd done as a KAL months ago but never photographed. I recently finished the plain garter stitch cloth to make a gift set trio along with the DW. I'll be sending the set to a niece along with a few bars of green apple soap.

I made this textured slip stitch cloth extra long to put on the table as a hot pad when I'm serving a hot casserole. I love the way it looks with my old Hoosier cabinet.

I love this bluebird nest! Dh cleaned it out of the birdhouse, and I saved it to show everyone. Those cute peeps are so full of ingenuity. The pink stuff is Easter basket grass. I'm still looking for a nest that might have some of my yarn or wool in it.


  1. Lots of very pretty cloths. My favorites are the DW and the ballband, but that round pink one is certainly lovely!

    happy knitting :)

  2. love that shade of pink yarn on a cone!


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