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Thursday, May 3, 2007

Yarn, Beautiful Blue Yarn

I'm happy as a chicken with a big, fat junebug! Yes! Too bad this beautiful yarn is not available all the time. This royal blue color is part of an overrun on a special order at Elmore-Pisgah
It's still going on as of today, so hurry if you want to order. :)
Now, I can finally knit a few dishcloths that match the wallpaper in my kitchen... clickety, click:))


  1. Lucky you ...finding that bargain. I love that color :)

    happy knitting :)

  2. Beautiful wallpaper! What dish cloth designs wll you use to knit with that motherlode of cotton?

  3. I didn't put all the yarn I ordered in the pic, just the blue. didn't want to appear like I'm an addict or anything.:) Anyways, some will be roosters, some birds, and I've yet to make a round lacy cloth...can't wait!


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