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Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Another Batch of Roosters and DW

I've been busy knitting another set of rooster cloths. I really like this pattern that is available here. I've done so many of these you'd think I'd be tired of the pattern, but I'm not. I probably won't keep any of them, though. My kitchen is done in a medium blue toile so they don't really go with my decor. However, I've order several cones of beautiful blue yarn that should arrive any day now....can't wait.:))How's this for a little color? :) The DW cloths below were knitted from a free pattern that's is also available at the same link as the rooster cloth, thanks to the generosity of the designer.

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  1. I think DW cloths are my favorite cloth (well second to ballband). Yours are so pretty. Love the colors you picked.

    happy knitting :)


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