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Monday, February 9, 2009

Foothills Parkway

Go for a ride? Yesterday Goodman and I went on a little Sunday afternoon ride on Foothills Parkway. We went by way of Calderwood Highway which is known to motorcyclists as The Tail of the Dragon. We passed Chilhowee Lake and Dam along the way. We're on the Parkway now.
There are lots of pull-offs for soakin' in the views and picture takin'.
The Great Smoky Mountains are known for their layers and layers of mountains.
A closer view.
Back at the was to be noted that the robins had returned from points further south. We always have a few that stick around during cold weather, but they were back in droves yesterday.
Hoggin' the watering holes. Our bluebirds gave up and flew off exasperated to pieces. No worry, they know the this house is theirs, but they do like the birdbaths to be less crowded.
This here's Thorpe. (Can you tell I just recently watched Sergeant York?) I knitted it to go with the mittens I'd already given to Punkin #2. It's a balmy 72 degrees here today, but our weather roller coaster will surely give her a chance to wear it before spring. It seems like it was a dream that we had snow last week.

Guard those waterin' holes, Y'all. The robins are on their way, 'cause I'm shooin' them northward. _chuckles_


  1. I didn't know about the Foothills Parkway. Beautiful scenery. You can really learn a lot about our country from reading blogs. Thanks for introducing this parkway.

  2. There's nothing prettier than the Foothills Parkway. Your photos prove that. Thank you for them.

    I noticed the first of the robins here yesterday! It's just breathtaking to see them. They give hope to me that Spring is soon here. I say a prayer that there will no longer be a chance of snow until next December. lol

    The Thorpe hat is great. I've made a few of them. I made the stranded one for my little cousin in Virginia in her choice of colors, pink and brown.

    Thanks for a great post ... always love the photos.

    Lesley Ann

  3. Beautiful photos. I thought I heard a bird outside this weekend, but maybe I was just dreamin'

  4. great thorpe hat! good for keeping warm in this East Tennessee weather!
    I was expecting to see penguins
    instead of cheerful Spring robins!

  5. Thanks for the tour. I really enjoyed your pictures.
    We won't get robins until late March. Today we are suppose to get into the mid 60's. That's not normall for my part of the country. I'll take it!
    Love the hat.

  6. Love the pictures - We need to get to the mountains soon. I'm looking forward to our annual family spring camping and your pictures and getting me excited.

    The hat is cute as can be - have to love the braided ties :)

  7. Absolutely beautiful. Thank you for that.

  8. Great the views. Found out something about robins the other day. Around here we always get excited when we see the first robin...sign of spring...but found out that if the robin is fat it is wintering here in NE from Canada. We really have to wait for the scrawny skinny ones (the ones that winter in the south) to rejoice that spring is here. Thought that was interesting :)

    That hat is adorable. I have always been partial to hats that tie under the chin :)

  9. Helloooo.^)
    Looks like ya'll had a nice drive through the Parkway. I don't guess One and Only has ever been down the dragon. Maybe we'll remedy that when we're down, sometime.
    You weren't kiddin' when you said ya'll had a lot of robins. Reminds me of the hoards that descend on Pigeon Forge at the first green of spring.
    Hmm..I don't think I've ever in my life seen a skinny robin. You can't get skinny on buckwheat cakes and Injun batter...

  10. I love that little hat, and so does the little munchkin! Thanks for sharing your photo's. You always have ones with a great view!

  11. What beautiful pictures, Robins do like their baths, thanks for sharing the photos, I like those hats, my granddaughter has one similar to those.

  12. Such pretty pictures! Can I come next time... please? :)

  13. Do you mean to say, that you live in the smokey's and don't have snow? Gosh, up north here, seems like we're getting snow every few days.
    Love the tour of the mountains and can't wait for the birds to arrive. Keep sendin them north!

  14. Thanks for snaps of the beautiful scenery! Love Srgt. York and thorpe rmains at the top of my list of must knits--ah-someday!


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