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Monday, March 23, 2009

Happy Spring, Y'all

Spring is in full-swing here in the foothills of the Smoky Mountains. The bluebirds have been scopin' out their new home on the fence post, and buds are openin' on most every tree and bush in the yard. Everything coming back to life after winter always seems that nature is testifying of our Saviour's resurrection and ours, too, someday.
Our Bartlett pear trees are just starting to bloom..thankfully, there are no freezes in the weather forecast for this's hopin'.It's not that I'm havin' a hard time lettin' go of St. Patrick's Day..I just love this picture, so here. One of five of my Tea Time Doily workups. (Pattern in the sidebar.)I'm not going to bore you with all five of them..just three or four, maybe. A burgundy one paired with a Scalloped Waves Spa cloth in matching Sugar & Cream's Weathered Rose.
Yellow & Key Lime Pie colors , also Sugar & Cream.I thought I'd never finish the everlasting bathmat, but at long last, it's done. It's very simple, all garter stitch with a seed stitch band, a very classic look. The pattern is for double worsted yarn. Just click the link for the Classic Bathmat on the sidebar. ----->

Hope your springy days are the best ever!

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  1. Happy springtime! Beautiful tree. And I love the bathmat and the idea of it, too.

  2. I'll take 4 or 5 bushels of pears-
    or better yet- you make pear preserves and put them in my refrigerator for "safe" keeping!Ha!

  3. Such beautiful pictures!! And you have been busy once again!!

    Love the bathmat--and where are the instructions?? This would be good in front of the kitchen sink, too, don't you think?

    Everything's blooming there--we're just starting with tiny little buds on the trees. I've got to get out and take some pics when I get home from work--still dark now!!

    Have a wonderful day!!


  4. I love your doily's and especially the bath mat. I'd love to try it, but I'm not sure I'm ready for another big project. I haven't finished the blanket I started in January!

  5. All your knitting looks so great! I love the bathmat...I could use one. How much yarn did it take?? I have on of those pound of peaches and cream skeins. I wonder if that would be enough.

    Spring is so invigorating! I'm so excited to get out and work in the yard!!

  6. Happy Spring! I love the photos of the pear tree buds and knowing the birds are coming look for the perfect spot for their nest. Your cloths are beautiful, all of them.

  7. Dear Toni,
    Oh my goodness.....!
    Guess what I got in the mail yesterday. I just haven't had time to write to you to let you know it's here!
    Thank you so's lovely.
    I will show you how great it looks soon. HA!
    I really, really am thankful to you for sharing your gift with me.
    Be blessed,
    P.S..Your new banner is so pretty.


    The tree blossoms look wonderful. I can almost smell them. :-)

    Love the colorful photos.

    Lesley Ann

  9. Ahhh...spring hasn't quite sprung here, yet (VA). I'm pea green with envy;). Great doilies, Mum.

  10. What great colors you used. We still have a few weeks to go until we have blooms on the fruit trees.
    I do have my very first mini iris blooming. Hooray for spring!

  11. I love the doily's! I'd also like a copy of that bathmat pattern, pretty please with sugar on top. :-)

  12. Everything looks so good, from the Spring to the knititng. I wanna come to those Smokey Mountain Foothills

  13. Mr. Bluebird looks happy perched
    in front of his home- what a welcome sight!

  14. I wish we had blue birds in my yard, they are so pretty and once years ago we had a pear tree, it was such a scrawny thing and we probably only got a dozen or more pears a year, but bless its heart it survived each year, but when we moved they cut the whole orchard down, so sad. You did such a great job on that bath mat and I also like your Dollies, have a nice weekend.

  15. Yummy I love pears. I still say I'm going to move down south so I can have a place with all this fun stuff planted in my yard. I love the new knitting/crochet. I may have to try that bath mat some day. Take care!!!

  16. Love your dollies and cloths. Your bathmat is fabulous. I bet it is nice and soft and cushiony to step on. Enjoy :)

  17. I think the green pattern is my favorite! Thank you for linking up some of your neat posts on Art of Home-Making Mondays :)


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