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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Interlopin' and Exasperatin'

Mornin', Y'all. Hope you had a good Easter weekend.
This nest in my bluebird box is not a bluebird nest. It was built by a pair of interlopin', li'l fidgety birds! Carolina Chickadees. (Cute & friendly, but not bluebirds.) They waited till my bluebirds were out looking for worms and moved right in. Sigh. Most of the material used was moss gathered from the ground just below the box, actually. The rest is dried grass along with some green and white acrylic fibers. I have no idea where the fuzzies came from since I haven't put any out for the birds, yet.
Here's a look at the start of the circular shawl I mentioned last week. I made an exasperatin' mistake, then when I noticed it I couldn't look at it for a couple of weeks. I had to tink back eight rows and didn't do that until this morning.
In the meantime to divert my attention from the mistake in the shawl (I knit dishcloths when I'm exasperated, evidently.) I knitted this Vineyard Cloth by Danielle Cote. I changed the border and added a few rows to square it up a bit. See, I can knit after all...maybe, maybe not. We'll see if I get going with the shawl again.
Hope y'all have knitty good week. :)


  1. Those darn chick-a-dees!! Bet they are cute though ;)

    Love your dishcloth and good luck with the shawl. Tinking back that many rows is NO fun ;)

  2. Yeah, chickadees are about to take
    over the WREN house we put out. I
    ain't so sure about them critters..
    I think I'd like your circular shawl better in a color...You'd prob'ly like it better, too.
    The vineyard cloth is good, I like the way the moss-stitch edge
    turned out. I give it a four-needle rating.

  3. Looks like bird heaven in there.

    The knitting is beautiful!

  4. It's so entertaining to watch the birds this time of year. ;-)

    Gorgeous knits!

  5. I love the little nest1 Don't ya just love baby birds! I'm having so much fun with my chicks! The shawl looks like it will be lovely. Abit challenging though. Love the dish cloth!

  6. I love birds of any kind. The chickadees are sweet ones, too.

    I have been looking for a shawl pattern to make for my aunt. I just can't decide which pattern I want. Then I have to decide on the yarn! Sigh ... it's just such a strain. lol

    I love the dishcloth. The color is lovely. You knit quite well.

    I hope all is well in the foothills. It's well below average temperatures here. It's been raining for about five days, except for Sunday, which was awesome.

    Have a great week!

    Your friend,
    Lesley Ann

  7. The cloth is beautiful. I love the pattern and the color you are using. Very nice.
    I know what you mean by tinking back. I just ripped out 6 row's of 400 stitches to fix a mistake. That was over a week ago. I don't have the heart to work on it just yet. Sigh.

  8. Sorry you had to do all that tinking! I've been doing quite a bit of it on my project so I know how you feel. At least I'm getting better and faster at it.

    What a pretty dishcloth!

  9. Your knitting is simply beautiful. I've been teaching myself to crochet. May have to learn knitting next!

  10. Nice job on the dishcloth, yes we all knew you could knit, ((smile))

  11. I know I already left a comment on this post, but I just wanted to pop over to your blog and say a HUGE THANK YOU for such kind words about my videos. It really means a lot to me.

  12. My record was on an old 78. I don't even have a record player to play it on any more.( I'm talking the 60's )

  13. I tagged you for Fanyastic Friday, visit my blog!

  14. Those caroline chickadees have some nerve taking over the bluebirds' nest. I guess it's what birds do.

    I love your vineyard cloth, so pretty in that bright colour. I hope you have good luck with your beautiful shawl.

  15. ooooh a circular shawl!
    I can not wait to watch it grow !
    I like the color you have chosen!
    It will look good on me! I will wear it to church! just right for dogwood winter!

  16. love your dishcloth. Can't wait to see how the shawl turns out.


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