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Tuesday, April 28, 2009


It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood. A beautiful day for...gardening, but first here's a picture of Muguets by Danielle Cote.  It's a free pattern - sweet.  Lilies in other words. No ma'am, this little knit will not be washing dishes or anything else for that matter.
Lily of the Valley, so sweet smelling. Odiferously supreme, I say.
Sweet woodruff in the herb garden. It's scent is spicy and heady, but never high-minded. ;)
Sweet columbine....sweet like most everything in the South, Honey Child. :) Youngest gave this to me last year, and it seems to have adapted well after leaving it's home in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. Our sweet tater farm for this season is in full-swing. As soon as the sprouts are about 4 inches long I'll snap them off their mama and root them in sand before planting them in our for-real garden.Can you spot our male Towhee in the picture below? Hint: Look dead center in the pic. Click the pic to see him better.  Isn't he sweet as he sits in one of our sugar maple trees? Another of my favorite birds. The bird house with no floor or front to the left of Mr. Towhee is the housing for an electric fence box. A good reuse for an old birdhouse.These irises smell like grape flavored candy. :) I-ris' you were here!
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  1. Did I hear in sweet tea!! I'm ready...bring it on!! :) Love all your pretty pictures. We have lots of birds too this spring, yellow finches, lots of red cardinals, and are they noisy! :) Love em though, just not as good a photographer! :)

  2. I miss columbines like that. And I love the pun at the end!

  3. Your Lily cloth is so beautiful. I love lily of the valley, they were my grandma's favourite scent and when I smell them, I think of her.
    Iris I was there too :)

  4. Oh I love your dishcloth and your flowers n stuff are ever so beautiful.

    I left you some birdie pic's on my blog!!!

  5. Beautiful!! Ihave some lily of the valley coming up but it's not very far along yet. I love how that smells!

  6. Hello Tea!

    Your lily of the valley cloth is beautiful, and what beautiful photos! Such a lovely shade of lavender in those irises. I so look forward to the irises blooming every spring right outside my studio window! Continue to enjoy a beautiful spring.

    By the way would you please send me your email address. You will find mine on my blog! :o) Thanks!



  7. Your lily of the valley cloth is lovely. I love lily of the valley and I love irises. I so miss my irises. Some kind of animal dug up mine. Lucky you being able to have so many wonderful plants :)

    happy spring :)

  8. The dishcloth is very pretty. :) Pretty flowers you have too.

    I saw a neat bird today in the yard, wondered what kind it was and thought of your blog. I know next to nothing about birds and plants. I grow a small vegetable garden each year, and that's about it. Sometimes I try planting a few flowers, but I can't seem to keep those alive for long!

  9. Your Irises are beautiful. I can't wait for mine to bloom. I have several colors. Don't know what will come up because something ate quite a few bulbs over the winter.

    All of your photos are so lovely. Thank you for sharing them.

    Your West Virginia friend,
    Lesley Ann

  10. Love all of your pictures in today's post. Just lovely! What kind of potatoes are you growing inside? I have not heard of that before.

  11. I used to wear Muguet fragrance in high school ! Every time my Iris bloom there is a thunderstorm and they get all bruised! Iris make me think of old time cemetary decoration day with real cut flowers.
    My granny would wrap foil around
    a large tin can and cut a bouquet
    of her flowers in May for decoration day.

  12. My Iris bed just spent the last of their blooms. They were the color of yours in the picture, and I sure will miss them. They made the most beautiful cut flower arrangements on my kitchen table. :-)

    I couldn't spot the bird. :-o

  13. I left you an award on my blog. Love your photos!

  14. Hola,
    Muguets turned out right nice, there, I may have to work that one up, myself.
    If I didn't know what a towhee looked like, I wouldn't be able to
    spot him, either, (He's dead center
    in the pic).
    The columbine looks good, but for
    some reason, sweet taters in the dark look like little trolls...

  15. You always take the prettiest pictures!

  16. Your plants are inspiring and beautiful ! I love the stitched cloth and I would not be washing dishes with it either !

  17. So many beautiful blooms! Wish we could smell them too!

  18. Beautiful flowers, beautiful cloth, beautiful bird! Great pictures for inspiration - thanks.


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