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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

May Flowers & More Showers

Happy May, Y'all. It's the best month for flowers around our place. A clematis that is supposed to adorn the deck likes to climb in the poplar tree. We're getting lots of rain lately. We burned a large brush pile yesterday evening, and a gully washer from heaven put the fire out for us. We felt a few sprinkles and hurried, but by the time we got into the house we were drenched! Ah well, that took care of our weekly baths. ;) This yellow iris smells like nutmeg...mmmm.
I've had these irises for years and years. They just smell regular-like.
Miss Frilly...not to be confused with the purple iris I showed you last week. This one is ruffled and lighter in color. Most of my irises are compliments of my neighbor-down-the-road a bit. She gave me two buckets of them last summer and some the year before that. Would we all had a neighbor like that. :) One of our favorite things to do is go yard-sailing (I know..chuckles) We went to several sales last week, and had the best time. The grandgals were here, so we took them along. Everyone found some nifty prize they couldn't live without. Mine was this very cool, little two-cup teapot. I paid a little sweet lady fifty cents for it and went happily on my way.Why is it so cool, you ask... It has it's own strainer! It's perfect for my home remedy, herbal tea infusions. Honestly, I don't think it was ever used as the label on the bottom was snowy-white and clean. Can't wait till my chamomile blooms...These honeysuckle blossoms are growing on a bush on the fence line. As soon as I put the bouquet on the counter of the old Hoosier cabinet all the peeps gathered 'round for a sniff. I've been knitting, yes, but not on the shawl, Y'all. We'll talk about it next week. :)
Hope you're having a grand week!


  1. What a teapot bargain! It looks like it's brand new. Your flowers are fabulous! I just love spring flowers! We have a neighbor like that, but instead of sharing flowers. she shares what she's not using of her garden and blackberries. So, if my garden isn't successful, she always shares hers.

  2. Your iris are so colorful ~ such amazing beauty!

  3. It all looks so lovely! I love the honeysuckles too and love the way you arranged them for inside.

    The teapot is perfect! I have a little list of items I need and will have to try to fit in some yardsailing myself this coming weekend.

    Oh, and if you still have extra onions, I just planted a new grid :)

  4. WOW beautiful pictures as always! Love the tea pot!

  5. What a wonderful post today. I felt like I was right there as you described your flowers and your cute teapot.
    I've never had great luck with yard sales. Maybe I should give it a go again.
    Have a great week!

  6. Beautiful irises. That clematis is the color of the Shelridge Farm yarn I grabbed last night on my way out the door. And I can smell the honeysuckle from here. Ooh aah.

  7. All of your flowers are must have a huge green thumb :)

    I LOVE your little teapot...that was surely a find. Very cute and useful...I like that :)

  8. Hello Tea!

    The iris are beautiful, especially the lavender! I so look forward to the blooming of the white iris each season that bloom right outside of craft room window! :o) We all know it is springtime from the blooming of the beautiful iris. What a cute little teapot and at a wonderful price point! :o) My sisters and I love to go thirting, you always seem to find some little treasure you just cannot live without! :o)



  9. lovely Iris ! terrific tea pot treasure! I have one of those honeysuckle shrubs planted by the birds-it makes red berries in the fall. get busy on that shawl!

  10. I love that teapot, it's so pretty. Your blooms are beautiful and so colourful!

  11. Your flowers are beautiful! I'm eagerly awaiting for mine to bloom. I'd love to have yellow irises. I'm going to have to find some bulbs.

    That tea pot is just awesome! What a great find.

    I purchased red, yellow, purple, lilac and orange bell peppers to add to one of my flower gardens this year. That is, I'll get them planted if the rain stops. We've had rain for about eight days straight. Flooding and water-logged lawns everywhere. I managed to get my tomatoes planted. I've going to get two of the "mortgage lifter" tomato plants and I'll be finished with those. Of course, I can't plant anything without planting my cucumbers. :-)

    Have a great mother's day. :-)

    Your West Virginia friend,
    Lesley Ann

  12. I'd be pleased with your teapot find also. All of my iris that have come up so far are white. Yours are much prettier.

  13. Hi
    Beautiful pictures, lovely flowers.
    I have visited the Great Smokey Mountains a few years ago.
    Your pics brought back happy memories.


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