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Monday, May 11, 2009

Enthrawlin', Completely Enthrawlin'

Feel that chill in the air? We're having a li'l blackberry winter here in the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains. I don't mind it a bit, though; it sure makes a nice cup of coffee seem extra good. Here's a look at my purple clematis.Goodman and I went to Virginia to see Youngest and her DH over the weekend. We had a good visit with them and a very nice time taking in several of their area nurseries. We stopped at the first two and just enjoyed looking, but at the last one this beautiful hanging basket of petite petunias called Superbells caught my eye almost immediately. Youngest noticed how much I liked them and snapped it up for me for Mother's Day. (It looks even better in person. :)Truly, I'd planned to just look at all the nurseries' offerings, but this burgundy petunia was too pretty to resist. I do love burgundy flowers and petunias especially.
On the way back home we decided to take a back road near the mountains, and what do you think we passed right by? Uh huh, the Lodge Factory Outlet Store in Sevierville. It's one of my favorite places to browse. I could spend a lot of time in there. It takes a while to look at all their cast iron pots and pans and fireplace accessories, etc., but this skillet stood out right away. Yep, those bears followed me all the way home.
Remember the circular shawl I started a few weeks ago? Well, I've run into two problems with it. First, a disheartening mistake further back than the ones I'd already redone, and then..the book that the pattern is in has vanished. I'm at a loss as to what's happened to it and, frankly, I don't want to think about it right now. See, we took four or five boxes of books to the Habitat Thrift Store recently...oh, yeah. Sigh. So, pressing ever onward, I started crocheting this completely enthrawlin' little shawl. The yarn is CotLin from Knitpicks in their Linen colorway. I'm about one-third finished with the body of the shawl and will start the border very soon, hopefully.
Hope your week is a good 'un. :)


  1. Absolutely beautiful flowers. So's the shawl! I want the skillet! We do almost all our cooking with castiron. We do alot of dutch oven cooking outside.

  2. Beautiful flowers and an even more beautiful shawl!!!

    I love pansies and petunias--I have a burgundy pansy that somehow got mixed in with some yellows--looks awesome!!

    The lilies you sent me--I didn't think they were going to make it because two days after I planted them we had a frost and they looked very, very droopy.

    But, they came back!! They are standing straight and tall with new growth!! YEAH!!!


  3. I bought some Super bells too!
    also called Million Bells or
    Calibrachoa! Hummingbirds are supposed to like Super Bells!

  4. The stitch pattern in that shawl is absolutely gorgeous! Please post pics when it's all done -- I bet it will be spectacular!

  5. Wow Toni that shawl is just beautiful. I love your new mothers day flower and that cast iron pan is pretty cool too.

  6. ah.. sounds like a little piece of heaven where you are. ;)

  7. We're road tripping to the SE in a few weeks and now I'm looking forward to it more than ever! How beautiful it all looks there. I love your shawl. Such lovely stitches! (I'm bring some cotton, a book and a hook along in the car to learn to crochet!)

  8. Oh, that skillet is perfect! And the flowers are, as always, gorgeous. I love coming here and seeing what your camera has captured.

    I gasped at the loss of the book, though. What was the title of it?

  9. Wow ... every picture is beautiful!

    I'm looking for a shawl pattern for my aunt for Christmas. This is lovely.

    Of course, I love the flowers. I'm trying to get photos of my clematis and irises on my site but just haven't had time.

    Have a great week!

    Your West Virginia friend,
    Lesley Ann

  10. Hello Tea!

    Beautiful photos! I love that cast iron skillet, just beautiful! Enjoy a wonderful weekend my friend.



  11. The petunias are beautiful! I'm so sorry you misplaced your book. Are you able to get another one if it was given away or can you go to where you donated the books and see if it's still there?

    The new shawl design is lovely. Can you share the source of the pattern or is it a personal design?

  12. You are amazing, Toni :) You've been blogging for a LONG time! Whatever happened to the shawl anyway? It is so very pretty...and complicated. I'm impressed at how lovely things were made back when...take the cast iron must have been a small joy to use something so whimsical and delightful. It is raining here, but I might be able to go out soon and tear out some of the spent tomato bushes. Nice and cool for working.
    Thank you for sharing some of your posts on cast iron! The little birds are so tweet~!
    God bless you and your family, Toni.


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