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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Trials & Tribs of the Bloggin' Knitter

I'm back after being MIA for a whole week. We left AOL, deleted their many files in my computer and entered the unknown world of att on dialup. Nope, we can't have dsl here.
See, you just can't have it all, evidently. Ah well.
We're in the bathroom today, Y'all. :) Excuse me (punny, huh), but isn't this the cutest soap bag you ever saw? The pattern is a free one offered by blogger friend Melanie. Check out her free patterns at Lil Knit of This & That. I knitted this little bag on a long circular via the magic loop method.
In the kitchen's cozy in here, too. Speakin' of cozy; I, also, knitted this tea cozy last week during my exile from the net. It's a pattern from Sugar n Cream. The Royal yarn is from Peaches & Cream.

Another Ballband cloth in S&C Sunny Sky & the Valentine Candy Box from Monthly Dishcloths in Royal (Peaches & Cream.)
Nope, I haven't finished the toe-up socks yet. I don't even want to think about them right now.
Maybe I'll just knit another soap bag and wear the pair of them instead. Nifty.

If I haven't commented on your blog lately it's because I wasn't able to do so. Some blogs still won't let me do that. I still have things to figure out on the new net service & a slew of plugins to download. Whatever that means. ;)

Have knittingly good week, Y'all!


  1. I had AT&T dial up for a while and now their DSL..hope it works out for you. I really like them.
    You really made my soap sack look good!!! Yours is so much prettier than mine!!!
    Sure am glad you're back in the bloggy world...missed ya!

    *now I gotta go get some yarn in the color of that soap sack...what can ya do with all these enabler friends :)*

  2. Oh I love the soap sack and the tea cozy.
    I was so glad when we finally were able to get dsl. I feel for you with dial-up.


  3. Love your soap sack, tea cozy and your cloths. Never can have too many dishcloths. Good thing you have your knitting to keep you sound a little bit frustrated with your new internet service. I'm sure once you get used to it, it will be fine. Good luck....and happy knitting :)

  4. Everything looks great :-) I like the soap bag :-)

  5. Can we see a picture of you wearing the soap sacks, please???

    Internet, can't live with it and can't live without it.

  6. Your tea pot looks soooo cozy in
    it's new knit cozy! I'll take
    lemon in mine!

  7. I love all of your new "makins" ha ha! It's always nice to add pretty things to the bathroom and kitchen. Been Missin ya!! Have a great weekend!

  8. All of your projects look great! I've missed you. :)

  9. Knifty cozy....I'm with Aunt Kathy...I wanna see those soap sacks in action, LOL

  10. You are such a busy knitter! Love the soap sack. I love the magic loop method too. I hate DPN's. Seriously.

  11. You are such a busy knitter! I love the soap sack. I also love the magic loop method. I hate DPN's. Seriously.

  12. That is one cool soap sack! and yes, one on each foot, you could start a new trend ^.^

    The teapot cozy is adorable and I love your cloths.

    Dialup - been there for 6 years before we got adsl. It will come to you one day and you'll never look back, kiddo!

  13. So maybe that explains it! I've gotten a few comments from a Toni at an address I didn't recognize, that every time I responded, the email address bounced back. Just in case that was you, and just so you know I wasn't ignoring you.


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