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Sunday, March 2, 2008

Hello March

These daffodils in our pasture are the first ones we've seen this year. They started popping out last week during a snow flurry, but today they're really enjoying our 65 degrees F weather. The lovely weather will surely change in a few days, though, so we're enjoying it while we can. I've been knitting a lot the past week, but I'm not finished with a cute little blue something on my needles so I can't show that till next week. In the meantime...What's this? you ask. Psycho(delic) sausage links? _snickers_ No, they're knitted hair curlers! (Go ahead and click for a better pic.) Nifty, huh. I knitted them using leftover yarn & the free pattern from Mombot Companion. The curlers are easy to make & very soft so you can sleep quite comfortably in them. How innovative is this?
Now, here they are in a synchronized spiral formation...
Synchronized seahorse formation...
And lastly, the synchronized seahorse swirly romp. I'm thinking about entering them in the Olympics in Seoul. What do you think?
Granddaughter #1 has been busy designing a few things herself. She's been making dog collars for some of her stuffed toys, and here she's modeling a crocheted bracelet with a cute little flower.It, also, doubles as a headband for her little Husky buddy. Cute, huh.
Until next week, Y'all, knitlikeyoumeanit!


  1. My mother used to talk about when she was little and *her* mother would tie her hair up in rag "curlers" that she could sleep in because they were soft. The knitted curlers sure look nicer than rags!

  2. Howdy!

    What will they think of next? But really I bet those are so much more comfy than those spongy ones with the plastic on em. And, you got a budding designer there too. Woo Hoo!

    We're seeing those pretty flowers everywhere right now but you're right...enjoy it while we can. It sure won't last long.

    Ahhh....where is spring already? :(

  3. Lovely flowers! Ours have bloomed too. I love the curlers! What a creative idea. The bracelet looks great too.

  4. Those curlers are awesome. Wish I had them back in the "old" days when I would wear hard plastic curlers to bed.

    Your granddaughter's quite clever with her designs...very nice :)

    happy knitting :)

  5. Oh, cool! And what a cute smile!

  6. I love the hair curlers how cool of an idea. Wow, flowers already??? How cool it's gearing up for a blizzard here.

  7. Oh cool are those curlers!!! I think I might try them.

    I love the bracelet, what an clever granddaughter you have.


  8. ROFL!!! Oh my that is funny!! Seoul?!?! Oh my I needed that laugh!! Nice formations, also.:)Spring's just around the corner!! Yahoooooooo!

  9. So glad to see those daffodils!
    really cute knit hair rollers!
    How did I ever sleep on those hard
    rollers? Did you see Snuffy Smith Sunday? Loweezy was knitting!

  10. What a neat idea and a great way to use up left over yarn!

    Our weather yesterday was in the 70's. I am so ready to see flowers, but we don't have any yet.

    Your GD is doing a great job on her knitting. She must take about her grandma.

  11. I saw those curlers before and never saved the pattern in my files. Now I know where they are and will be making some for my nieces birthday.

    I loved your photos, very inventive. LOL

  12. The daffodils are beautiful!
    I love those curlers. I can't believe someone came up with a design for soft curlers. Amazing.
    Your granddaughter is as talented as you are, I see.

  13. Knitted hair curlers! Who would have thought! My mom still sleeps in rollers (the hard plastic kind with teeth - ouch). I wonder how she'd like some of these. I especially like that they can masquerade as seahorses -- my favorite sea creatures. :)


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