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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Daffodilly Spring

The grandgals picked these daffodils from the pasture yesterday.
I've been catching up on dishcloth knitting the past week. They do make nice little gifts, afterall. This is the Empty Tomb cloth by Lindy. (Check out her blog; she's quite a talented , young knitter/designer.) I had a good chuckle over the little ruckus this dishcloth pattern stirred up when presented on the Monthly Dishcloth KAL group. Nothing changes, that's for sure. The real empty tomb has stirred up a lot of thinkin' for many years now & rightfully so.
Peaches & Cream Daisy Ombre yarn for mindless's a good thing.
My version of Sue Schaefer's Finders Keepers cloth from Monthly Dishcloths, also.
More mindless knitting with P&C Strawberry Cream.
A few little crocuses wavin' bye till next week.....have a knittily meaningful week, Y'all. :)


  1. I'm so jealous of all your beautiful flowers. Nothing like that here and Easter is way too early this year. Still feels like winter :)

    Nice cloths!! You can never have too many!

    happy knitting :)

  2. Beautiful flowers! I miss crocuses; they just don't seem to grow them in California.

    Got a chuckle at the mention that there was a ruckus--I was already starting to wonder when I read that part. I really like the idea and the pattern.

  3. I'm seeing yellow all over the place around here...will be so happy to see Spring come to stay.

    You know it crossed my mind that maybe I need a knitting break but after a few days of not knitting anything...I can't take it anymore! I gotta knit something...I mean it! lol


  4. I can't believe you have flowers already! I am so ready for spring. Our weather here in Indiana is a little bit warmer the last few days, but we may get more snow. Last spring, a late frost killed all the blooms on our fruit trees and they didn't bare any fruit. I hope it doesn't happen again this year.

  5. Great cloths! Thanks for the welcome to the dishcloth group. It was a beautiful day in GA today. The jonquils are all up and sunny.

  6. What a beautiful bouquet in the vase! I hope Spring is here to stay! great dishcloths too!

  7. Your website always makes me just sigh with delight. I love the crocuses. I've never had any around me, but I'll have to plant some now.

    I haven't been able to knit much in the last 2 weeks. You've inspired me to get out the sticks and yarn this weekend.

    What was the ruckus?

  8. Thanks for all the nice comments, Y'all!
    LeAnn, a few of the members of the dishcloth kal group didn't like that we were to knit a "Christian" related pattern this month, & one even asked if there was going to be equal time/cloth for all religions. There was some banter, pro & con between members about it, but I was tickled the owner of the group didn't cave in to them & remove it. (I'm amazed at the mindset that some folks have, thinkin' that being a member of a group allows them have a hand in running it. Ah well..

  9. Your flowers and dishcloths are beautiful. It's just starting to warm up here.


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