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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Sweet Violets Galore

Sweet Violets are blooming in little patches all around our house. (Confederate Violet above, Common Blue Violet below) I just read that they contain natural aspirin. The herbalist in me wants to go pluck them right up and brew a concoction, but I'm going to enjoy the blossoms a few more days before I succomb to that urge.
Thanks, Y'all, for all the nice comments on the crochet patterns. (Another Sweet Violet in lilac above.) What happened with all the pattern makin'? I'd searched for free crochet cloth patterns on Ravelry & was surprised to find how few there were in worsted weight cotton; so my little ol' brain started spinnin' (out of control) to help remedy the (tragic) situation.
Sigh. I figure I've done my duty now, so... back to selfish knitting for myself... :)

I started this knit shawl from a pattern I found in an old Peter Rabbit book, but I can't seem to get it just right. The directions are in English English, not American English so I'm having to assume a lot. This is just one part; there are sides to be added after the center section is completed. It's a tad complicated. I've started it in dk weight, Cotlin from Knitpicks on the left & Wool-Ease worsted weight yarn on the right..don't yet know which I'll end up completing.
Meanwhile, I'm crocheting this lovely shawl from Knottie by Nature on Ravelry. The pattern begins at the wide end so it won't be too awful long 'til it will be finished.
Here's my sweet potato at four's just starting to vine out a bit.
We're already enjoying green onions from my little "outside the kitchen door herb garden." These were left in the ground from some I'd planted last year.I've already made salsa with a few of them. Dgd #2 loves them in ramen noodles. This patch of dead nettle  is in the backyard under a wisteria vine. I know some folks call it a weed, but do you see all those tiny purple flowers? I'm thinkin' it's a flower. Hope you're enjoying springtime as much as I am, Y'all.


  1. Violets!!!! I love them, but they won't be blooming here in New England for many weeks yet.

    I sometimes put violet blossoms in pretty, and tasty too. I didn't know about the aspirin - thanks!

  2. You did a fine job handling that tragic situation...your cloths are gorgeous!
    I can't wait to see those shawls done.
    OMG...I forgot all about getting me a sweet tater! Dang it!
    I agree with you about the henbit too....FLOWERS!

  3. oh I love violets, I'll be making this one too. Thanks

  4. I adore violets! I grew up with them in the yard, you just don't see them here in California except occasionally at the nursery (I snatched them and planted them at my house, you betcha!)

  5. Oh, and--dark berries, like blueberries and blackberries, have high amounts of salicylates, ie aspirin.

  6. We don't have much spring here yet...still too cold, so I enjoy seeing yours :)

    All your projects are wonderful. I especially like your crocheted shawl. Very pretty stitch. Good for you making your own crochet cloth patterns :) I crochet, but always gravitate to the knit patterns, Lately I've seen lot of crochet patterns that I would love to try. Now if only I had more time :)

  7. I didn't know that about violets! I just filled a couple of lawn bags with that henbit!


  8. So pretty in lilac color!
    I have heard of candied violets!

  9. Oh, I love violets. So pretty. Both the Peter Rabbit scarves are lovely. Are you knitting them on Circulars?

    The crocheted shaw is absolutely stunning! I love that stitch!

    I don't know anything about henbits though...wonder if I have them down here....

  10. Spring??? We got yet another blizzard yesterday! LOL I love those pictures. I guess that I will have to enjoy the pictures of your nice weather for now. Your dishcloths and shawl are so pretty. Have a great day!!!

  11. I love all of your flower pictures. One of these days I need to post some of mine! It's a shame that all of these pretty spring blooms come with pollen. One of the prettiest times of the year, and if I go outside, I'm in a fog for the rest of the day. *sigh*

  12. Another great crochet pattern, THANKYOU!!!! You garden is looking so beautiful.... I've never seen a sweet potato grown before... Do you plant that in the ground??

    Jodie :)


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