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Friday, January 4, 2008

Happy New Year, Y'all!

A few days late, but wishing you happy knitting days in '08.

Our rinky-dink power company was overloaded yesterday morning when it was 12 degrees F outside. The grandgals arrived at 6 a.m., dh went off to work at 6:30 then at 7-something, not quite daylight, yet, the computer screen went black...that was fun. oO

I fumbled in the dark & gathered a few essentials...the hand crank radio/flashlight combo came in especially handy. I cranked it enough to tune in a station & found out the power was off... :P ..then put an iron skillet on the propane heater & made do. Fried canned biscuits w/ ham & swiss cheese had the grandgals thinking we could survive anything. Youngest said it was like in the old days when Nana was young...she's a veritable hoot, that one. :) Power was restored by noon. Ah, life is good.I'm still on a sewing binge. I like my knitting needle roll so well that I made another...note the large occured to me this could be the only time in life when a lot of flap would come in handy. ;) The pattern is here.

I saw this nifty idea for a light weight yarn bobbin on another knitter's blog a while back, but don't have the address for it. (If you know who posted this please let me know so I can give them proper credit.) The little red rectangle w/yarn around it is a bag closure from one of those mesh bags that oranges come in. It's such a smart way to keep a long end of yarn in check while you knit. The round cloth pattern is Lacy Picot Swirl found here.Red morning sky diffused by fog when the cold front was coming in last Friday.
See you next week, Lord willing. Knit happy, Y'all!


  1. Beautiful picture even in the fog. We had quite a bit of that last week while the temps were a bit warmer. This week it's been below zero most of the week but it is slowly working it's way up to prepare for the masive amount of precip. coming our way. Sounds like we're in for a blizzard this weekend! I love your dishcloth!!!

  2. Sounds like you had a nice, quiet morning! Great pictures. I love your needle holder! I'm planning on making one, whenever I can find the time. The temperature is below freezing here, all that's missing is snow! We haven't had snow here in 3 years. *sigh*

  3. Ha, old days when Nana was young, yeah I've heard that before. That was a hoot, LOL. We lost our power too here in NY, snow knocked everything out. We are back on for now, hooray.

    I love bobbin ideas that cost, um NOTHING. What a cool idea. I never seem to think of things like that.

    That cloth really looks great too, I may have to go make another one myself. Love it.

  4. That picture of the fog is beautiful! Oh yeah, and
    That happened to us a few years ago when we had an ice storm and we were without power for 3 days! It wasn't fun after the first day.
    I saw the bobbin tip too but don't remember who it was...sorry.
    Your needle case is so pretty...I have no sewing skills so I just have to drool over yours. I could always take a drive and drop by and steal one of yours. Oops...did I say that out loud? lol

  5. That certainly was cold for you, but you look like you made out fine with your makeshift cooking. Looks delicious :)

    Your knitting roll and dishcloth looks great.

    Lots of happy knitting in 2008 :)

  6. I love the picture of the fog. Looks like you have a fun week :-) We had some crazy weather here today, a lot of wind and rain.

  7. Oh you are prepared aren't you?! Really how awesome. I don't miss the power going off that is for sure, a few inters back we had it off for over a week, we survived, thank God we are campers, but OMG it was horrible.

    I love that needle roll.


  8. Yeah, back when you had to turn your monster-sized-CD-thing OVER on the turntable!

    Gorgeous landscape you got there. Just gorgeous.

  9. I love the pictures! My husband calls that "hunting camp cooking" and he wishes I would do that at Anyway, I've made that dishcloth in red too...I love it. Actually the last one I made was in the car on the way to Townsend Tennessee for a weekend. Niice. I have to say we RARELY get snow here. It's been below freezing for a few days and as soon as any kind of precipitation might come, the temps go up to the 60's. By the time we get snow (usually one day in Feb) we are so OVER it. Sad.

  10. i feel sorry for them city slickers
    that aint got no iron skillets
    like we'uns got! lol! I use my iron skillets all the time! I can't make cornbread without one!

  11. Thanks for the comment, I do love how my wrap turned out. I don't know how I missed that you lived near there..I love that area of the smokies. We have gone about once a year for the past 20 years. We even had our honeymoon near there! One time I even roughed it at Tremont not anymore. Hope you have a great week!

  12. Oh my what beautiful knitting needles! Are they rose wood, I truly want to reward myself with a beautiful pair someday soon! Your knitting is always so lovely. Happy knitting to you too! :o)



  13. wow.... cooking in the dark! What an splendid paradigm of the virtuous woman of Proverb 31! Always ready for everything!



  14. My husband loves cooking over the propane heater at our cabin when the weather is chilly. It works really well with the cast iron cookware.

  15. I like how you survived the blackout! The knitting needle roll is lovely and the photo of fog diffused with sunrise is gorgeous.


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