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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sweet September

Feel that cool in the air! Thank the Lord!!!
Flower of the month...sorta.
Mmmm...roasted red peppers fresh from the garden.

This li'l dishrag was a mindless (from my li'l mind ;) knit with bobbles at each corner. Sugar and Cream yarn in Vintage Rose colorway.
Frosted Diamonds is slowly taking shape.
Have you heard there's a new hen house in town? There is. chuckles It's portable, and it's mine! It's been six years since I kept chickens. Goodman missed farm eggs. Did you know lots of cities have changed their ordinances so that folks can have their own fresh eggs. Folks are realizing that big business is not to chickens what chocolate is to cookies. o.O Nope, they're not. We found this little coop on Craigslist. It's perfect for up to six hens. (If the house sells we'll load up the truck and move it to ....where ever.) I promise I won't ride on top, stop worryin'. rofl
There's no door on the yard part nor a walkin' plank so we're in the process of modifying that before we put chickens in it. The girls are in the barn. I'll introduce them next time. Meantime, I'm happy as a chicken with a junebug to be back in the chicken business.


  1. Roasted peppers! Yum yum! One of my favourite foods: when they are cool, I peel and chop them to make a salad with roasted tomato and eggplant. Then season it with sliced garlic, salt and olive oil. Yum!

    That portable henhouse is really cute. Never saw one before! :-D

  2. Oh, my those "flowers" sure are colorful and I bet tasty, too :)
    Your cloth with the bobbles on the corners is very cute. Love your shawl have a lot done'll be wearing it real soon.
    Aren't you smart to have found a mobile home for your hens. Glad you can take them with you when and if you move :)
    Good luck! Happy Knitting :)

  3. I've never seen a hen house like that before...but since I'm a city girl that's probably no surprise :) I tried a garden this year...but my dogs ate it...literally. Our boxer was constantly running through the yard with an entire tomato plant in her mouth. I had to give up...we couldn't make a fence strong enough to keep her out! We will try again next year. We will have to try the fence out before I bother...otherwise I will just go the mile to the farmer's market :)

  4. First....I have to thank you!! I've been migraine free for over a week now!! WOO HOO!! The water has done the trick. I can tell when I'm low on the H2O because I'll feel the twinges settling in on the temples of my head....swig a bottle...and presto...GONE!! Thank you, thank you for the simplest remedy there ever was!!

    Now, I would love to have one of those chicken coops...don't know where I would put it...but, I do know that farm fresh eggs are very different from "store-bought" eggs.

    Your dishcloth is so cute!! Love it with those little bobbles!!

    Off to work now (boo--I'd rather be home working on some projects--but somebody needs to pay the bills!!).


  5. I love roasted peppers, quite yummy for sure.

    A hen house! That should be lots of fun, and think of all the fresh eggs you will have:o)

    Your frosted diamonds is coming along just beautifully and love the colorway you chose. Don't you just love a beautiful and relaxing knit:o)



  6. I see roasted red pepper hummus in someone's future O.o
    That dishrag is pretty nice, Mum. I was a little skeptical when you said bobbles at each corner, but it's actually cute:) I think you'll be wearing that shawl before long, you're absolutely flyin' through it. I reckon you must be doin' a good job, it looks good:)
    I'd say that coop will look like heaven, by the time you let them chickens out of the barn, lol. I'm glad you didn't get a rooster, remember how that Dominique rooster would crow at 4 am every mornin'? He was doomed for chicken and dumplins from the get-go, actin' like that.


  7. Confess, the real reason you want chickens is so you can knit the chicken shawl from ravelry !

  8. Love the new crafty stuff. Your hen house is really cute. Probably doesn't smell cute, but I bet the fresh eggs are yummy.


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