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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Whoa, It's October

Can you b'lieve it's October? Not me. The last of this years zinnias.

The garden is brimming with turnips and greens now that the weather has cooled down a bit.
eta...the Rhode Island Reds........ love turnip tops.I used twice as much banana as the recipe called for in this banana bread. It rose nearly twice as high as usual and tasted twice as good, too. Even Martha White on the tin behind it got all excited over it. ;)

I've set Frosted Diamonds aside for a while because I have a mistake four rows back, and I'm tired of counting each row two or three times. I intend to pick it back up and finish it as soon as I'm done with this stockinette sweater. The pattern is Iced, and it's free. It's worked with bulky weight yarn so it's going really fast so far. Love this mushroom colorway.Have a great week, Y'all!


  1. Wow...that is fine example of a banana bread...I've never seen one rise that high. Your zinnias are gorgeous. I have always loved zinnias, They are a simple flower, but the colors are really fabulous and they're long lasting too :)
    Your sweater is almost done! You are smart knitting it in the round...I shy away from knitting anything that has to be sewn together. Can't wait to see the finished sweater.

    Have a great day! Happy Knitting :)

  2. Banana bread ! I can almost taste it!
    I need to put bananas on my grocery list! One of the best quick breads !
    great for breakfast or any time!

  3. Mmmmm ... banana bread. I was just looking for my recipe this morning! Must be a sure sign I need to make some too. ha

    The zinnias are so lovely. I wish we could keep them year 'round.

    Thanks for the link to the pattern. I've got just the yarn for this!

    Have a fantastic week!

    Your West Virginia friend,
    Lesley Ann

  4. WOW YUM!!!! Your sweater is looking great. Can't wait to see it done.

  5. Look at all those chickens! Very cool that you can have chickens in your yard. Fresh eggs every day.

    That is a ginormous banana bread loaf. Another tasty treat is pumpkin bread, yum.

    I love the flowers in your first photo - are they zinnias? Such beautiful colours.

  6. I wonder, how did I miss this post? You are actually knitting a cardigan! Ha! Did I inspire you? (Joking) ;-) I like the colour you chose. Very autumn-ish.
    I love your hen-girls, they look so happy in their portable house! Even modelling for the camera.
    Don't know what a banana bread is exactly but that looks really yummy, I should go search the recipe and give it a try.
    Have a great week!

  7. I love your blog (can't remember if I have left a comment in the past)
    but if not, here "t'is" :) You are so talented and I love the flower photos and recipes. I just "happened" on your blog recently and will come back again soon to visit.
    BB from Ga.

  8. It is always something wonderful going on in the foothills! :o) Your banana bread looks absolutely delicious, and I love me some turnip greens! Mother would make them and boy did we kids eat them up:o) I just can't seem to make greens as Mother did:o)

    I see you love too. They have the loveliest patterns there. I took a peek at the sweater pattern, it certainly is a pretty one and cannot wait to see your finished piece. Continue to enjoy a lovely autumn my friend.




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