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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Hydrangea, a late Mother's Day gift. I can't wait to find the right spot for it.
Goodman discovered this birdnest in an outbuilding. If you look closely at the bottom of the opening you'll see several Carolina Wren chirps napping while their mama snatches moths and other bugs for their next meal.
My chocolate mint is up and already beggin' to be harvested.
 I'm taking a break from it right now, but I did get another section of Wingspan knitted. The pattern is dramatic, yet a really simple one. Oh, and free. ;)
Mohave red portaluca. I could stare at it forever - well, maybe not forever. ;)
Hope you're having a great Memorial Day Weekend!


  1. WHAT a nice hydrangea O.O

    Dramatic is the word for that wingspan shawl, it's lookin' better than I imagined (I repent!).

    The Mojave Red is stare-worthy. I think you made a good choice, again.

  2. Oh how I love your new hydrangea bush. Mine was caught up with our very early warmth and then the cold frost took them. I will have not blooms this year. very sad face. Love looking at the wren nest. Your knitting project is coming along well. I love the shades of blue. Hugs Judy

  3. I love portulaca. It has always been one of my favorite flowers. Yours is exceptional! No wonder you can't stop looking at it ;)

    I agree your wingspan is dramatic. Really like the look of it. Will have to check out the pattern.

    Have a great weekend :)

  4. glad to see you knitting again !
    I am green with envy for your pretty tomato plants ! My yellow pear tomato
    has some kind of yellow blight killing the leaves !

  5. We have baby wrens in our bluebird box ! Blogger has changed format and I am having trouble posting on my own blog !

  6. Hello my friend! I hope Spring has been good to you! The portaluca is stunning. I'm going to have to check into ordering one of those. Is it a succulent? Hydrangeas of every color reminds me of my Granny.

    What do you do with the chocolate mint? I've never known of anyone growing it.


  7. Hi LesleyAnn, portaluca is a succulent & is easy to grow fom cuttings. Chocolate mint is for tea drinking. It takes some getting use to it. ;)

  8. Thanks for visiting my blog and your sweet comment. I've never heard of chocolate mint either. I accidentally pulled up all my mint last fall, what a disappointment that was this spring.

  9. Oh I am so glad you typed me. Wasn't sure how the storm was for ya. My Aunt in Knoxville got wind and rain, but no damage, thank goodness. Friday a week back we had the same kinda straight line wind storm and it beat a lot of my mints and lemon verbena, but that stuff just keeps on goin. I used to have chocolate mint..oh smells so good. Also, love the scented geraniums. I used to have a Mountain Mint plant I bought at a small garden center there in Pigeon Forge. but I think I cut it too much the first year and I lost it...sigh...I haven't been able to find any since :(


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