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Monday, May 14, 2012

Flowers, Food, Feathers & New Face

We're getting some much needed rain right now so I had time to post a few pictures and update what we're doing this month. Clematis.
  This is our main vegetable garden right near the house where we can keep watch over all the plants (you know, watch Peter Rabbit romp and play and take his pick of the fare.)
The day of our last road trip we passed an estate sale, and as you know our car stops on its own for such events so we had a look around. I found this silverplate bird. Looks like a stubby baby robin to me.
But the nifty part is that it plays music.
 It scrubbed up pretty well. I thought I'd leave it like this for a while, but I eventually removed the rest of the tarnish. I so admire birds of most any kind.
Woot, I've been knitting. O.O
When I ran across Wingspan while browsing for a new pattern to knit, I knew I'd be knitting this shawl. I've only just begun, and it'll take a few weeks to finish it because I'm taking it slow, knitting only after I drop in a chair in the evening. The pattern is very easy.
 There's a new face on the farm lately. Rocky is a mix, half Mountain Cur.
See you soon, the Good Lord willin'. :)


  1. Your garden must be very happy to have you taking care of it. See that clematis smiling at the camera! I wonder what kind of music does your silver robin play. I have never seen a music box like that!

    Good to see you knitting again. It's almost time for me to stop crafting with yarn with this heat wave we're suffering lately, it seems like we're in mid August, not May. Pretty uncomfortable.

    Oh, and tell Rocky I said hi. He looks so obedient and good boy, I hope he doesn't bark at the hens.

  2. Thanks for sharing your lovely garden photos. I always admire them. Your silver plated bird that plays music is a real treasure indeed. I am sure you will enjoy its music for a long time. Your new face on the farm is soooooooooooo very cute. Love him. Hugs Judy

  3. Thought id say hello, i saw you on Katie's blog. Richard from the Amish community of Lebanon,Pa

  4. Bird lover that I am, I'd be plum ecstatic if I found something so adorable as the music box bird you found. It is darling!

    And speaking of adorable, Rocky is that! :-)

  5. Your clematis is sooo pretty. I love the color. The birdie is awesome. Such a lucky find! Rocky is so cute and he has perfect markings. He's very photogenic :)

    Love your shawl. Glad to see you're knitting again :) Don't over do. Slow and steady wins the race :)

    happy knitting :)

  6. Those Clematis are gorgeous. And, Rocky is soooooooo cute. Welcome to Bloglandia Rocky!

  7. Rocky is adorable! I love his serious expression.


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