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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Greetings From the Chilly South, Y'all

It looks like cooler weather has officially come callin' in the South, Y'all. The leaves on all our trees dropped like rocks while we were in Virginia for Thanksgiving. Hope you're all staying warm. These two cloths were the November mid-month knitalong at Monthly Dishcloths.
In case the pic isn't clear for you this one says My Pal in Lion Brand cotton worsted.In Royal cotton worsted from Peaches & Creme this one says Friend.
Eeeeek! Colored popcorn stuck in my hairbrush? _snicker_
No, it's two lovely fancy fur scarves that Nana, moi, made for her dgds to play with when they're taking a spot of tea in their "dressup clothes." The yarn is Lion Brand Fancy Fur in Color Slide. It sure did, too. ;) That's a jar of Spiced Tea mix modeling one of the scarves. I thought everyone on earth had tried this lovely, heart warming concoction, but lo, I hear they haven't so look below for the recipe.
I'm a-workin' on yet another Shells and Fans afghan. I'm using Lion Brand Wool-Ease in Chestnut Heather for this one. I started it the day after Thanksgiving, and I've crocheted about 20 inches so far with only four more feet to go.
Spiced Tea
1 lb. Tang (or other orange-flavored breakfast drink mix)
1 cup instant tea
2 cups sugar
2 teaspoons cinnamon
2 teaspoons ground cloves
2 pkgs. lemonade drink mix
Mix all ingredients together stirring well and store in a tight container.
Use about 2 tablespoons of mix per cup of hot water.
Note: You can use the same amount of Splenda instead of the sugar if you need to limit sugar in your diet.
Our little propane heater...all the warmth of a fireplace without all the work! ;) Stay warm, Y'all!


  1. Same thing happened blink and all the pretty leaves are gone. The tea sounds yummy...I haven't tried that..sounds like a good "around the fire" drink. Love your snowman...if he comes up missing..."It wasn't meeeeee"

  2. Thanks for the comment :-) I am sure the spa cloths came out really nice :-) I love the Snowman :-) He is cute!!

  3. I'm trying to stay warm! It isn't easy. I can't believe how me mornings we've had where it was freezing or below. Very strange weather this year.

    I've seen that tea recipe before but haven't tried it yet. It does sound yummy.Your snowman is so cute!


  4. Love the snowman! That Ghost of JackOLanterns past at the bottom--spooky... :)

    --AlisonH at

  5. Nah, that's a closeup of our propane/fireplace We love the fireplace effect w/o all the cleanup.

  6. The spiced tea recipe sounds yummy! Thanks! Stay warm!

  7. Hope your staying nice and warm! Your scarves are nice and cute.

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  9. Your KALs look great! I started them, and got about halfway through, and I got so behind I just gave up. With first Thanksgiving, then Christmas and now the last 2 weeks of a play, I have no time at all! It sure is fun though. :)I love the colors you chose! The scarves are pretty too!

  10. Actually. I'm from SD and unfortionatly I've lived here my whole life. I am absolutely dying to visit or move to Nashville! Thus the "I wish I were in Nashville, but I'm not" comment. I should probably change that back. Ha ha

    It's so beautiful in the south, and Music City ahh! This country lovin girl would have a blast down there. I wish my hubby felt the same way.

  11. Your mid-November dishcloths look great! Your pictures are pretty, too. I don't know how to set up pretty pictures like that! LOL! I'll have to try the tea sometime!

  12. Your cloths came out great! I have given up on the monthly dishcloth group...I couldn't keep up with the emails. I have it as web when I have time I can check out things or if I see a good pattern I still have access. I felt so much lighter after I decide to do that :)

    Love your kind to have won't melt. We are expecting snow Sunday night into Monday. Just don't want to deal with it :)

    Your afghan looks lovely. Can't wait to see it finish!

  13. I love your cute snowman! The cloths are beautiful and I can read the words just fine. The scarves are very colourful and perfect for 'dress up'. Thank you for the Spiced Tea recipe, I will have to try that for sure.

  14. Wow, I've never even heard of tapestry crochet! Do you have pictures on your blog??? Ah ha I'm to interested in learning new things. Ha ha ... I haven't seen the stamps yet either.

  15. So, it's like fairisle knitting?! Cool. I will be trying this after I'm done with my Christmas knitting!!!

  16. Yes it is getting a little cool here in southern California too. Just chilly enough for a light jacket and a pretty scarf and maybe a hat too. :o) I love all your knitting, you have been busy! Your snowman is the cutest!

    Smiles to you...


  17. Tang/Tea tastes and smells great! My mom gave me the same recipe about 40 years ago! Will also cure a cold!Makes great Christmas gifts
    too! I remember when NASA invented Tang!

  18. OH! That fire looks so inviting, I can't wait to get home to enjoy mine also. I hear it is in the
    30's. In LA we have 86 for the high today. Be home Dec 8th. Talk to you then.


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