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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Bluebirds & A Bunny

Ah spring, when even the weeds look like flowers. (Looks like flowers to me. ;) I'd been watching this happy bluebird couple from my kitchen window for a couple of weeks, then Daughter #1 got this great photo with her camera last week. (My little ol' camera is so puny it could never....well, anyhowsy, the bluebirds have a nest complete with eggs in a birdhouse near the tree. I can't wait 'til they hatch..I love birds, especially bluebirds.
I haven't been knitting much lately; just picked up this bunny blankie that had become an UFO and finished the ears & stuffed the head. You're right, no eyes, etc. I don't do embroidery, but Youngest does & she has agreed to give the little guy some peepers along with a nose & a mouth.
Thought you might like to see what he'll probably (not) look like when she's done with him...uh huh, those are chocolate/peanut butter chips.
Sweet tater progress at six weeks. I just knew you were wondering. ;)
Hope Y'all are getting more accomplished than I have lately!
See ya next week, Lord willing.


  1. Congratulations on the nesting pair! I still have a vacancy !

  2. Oh I also love bluebirds, what a great picture!
    Love the blanket also!!

  3. I love bluebirds and redbirds. That photo made a nice header.

    I love his bunny face...yummy! lol

    And I don't care if it's weeds or not..if it looks like a flower that's good enough for me.


  4. Those birds are gorgeous. What a treat to be able to watch them. I sometimes have a dove nest at the top of the downspout right outside the window here, but not this year.

  5. Love the bunny blanket! Such a pretty picture of the bluebirds, are bird feeder is a very high traffic area, but we don't usually have those.

  6. The bunny blankie looks sooo soft! The photo of the blue birds is so sweet. Such a happy little couple. I hope your daughter is able to capture a pic of the babies.

    I have my sweet potato in the jar, but no action on it yet.

  7. Your bunny blanket is too cute. Hope your having a great time enjoying the weather. What beautiful pictures you have been posting.

  8. ooh, I just posted a dandelion photo too (but not as colourful as yours). I love the bunny blanket, complete with chocolate chips ^.^
    We don't have bluebirds here so I'm interested to watch their progress. Tater is growing so fast!

  9. Your bunny blankie is sooo cute :)
    Awesome bluebird...makes a very distinguished header...good going!! Love you dandelions...none here yet...My aunt used to always make dandelion wine...haven't thought of that in years!

  10. I wish you wouldn't put yummy edibles on your bunny. I want some now.
    I finished my Sweet Violets cloth. Pics on the blog. Thanks for sharing your lovely pattern. :) Karen aka Rosesandtea

  11. Hey girl! The Sweet Violet pattern is good as is, it would be interesting to do it a hook size up (mine was a 4.00mm - what is that, an F??) as well. But what about the sport weight idea? As long as one has the multiples right (I haven't set down and figured it out) you can go from there. What about a table runner in this, again in a lighter yarn? All sorts of things - the pattern is SO pretty. God has blessed you with talent.


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