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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Fly Little Birdies, Fly

Happy Mother's Day, Y'all!
When we got home from church today the sky was dark & the wind was blowing wildly.
I started out the back door to check on the bluebird babies & found two fledglings before I even opened the door. One at the edge of the deck....
One under the grill..(Isn't it cute, holding down the brush for me...the wind had knocked it down. Thanks little birdie. :)
Out in the yard I found number three...
The sun came out briefly as I spotted number four nearby, and it helped to show up the blue on this one. By this point I was being "swooped" by Mama, so I went back inside to let the flying lessons resume. Sigh, it's been an excellent birding spring, so far.
I haven't been knitting much the past few weeks so the tennis elbow is much better! A big thanks to all who wished me well with that in their comments on my last post.
Now, back to knitting....can't wait. Hope all of you have a wonderful Mother's Day! :)


  1. Watching your little birdies must be so awesome. (Your photos are fabulous!) How fitting they chose Mother's Day to take their first flight :)

    Glad your tennis elbow is better :) I can relate, very painful. A wrist brace helped me recover and let me still knit. I'm very thankful for that :)

    Happy Mother's Day :)

  2. Oh my goodness! They are so cute! How fun. We had birds nest on our porch for several years in a row, but we never saw them actually leave the nest.

  3. Oh the little fledgings are so cute. I hope the flying lessons went well.
    I enjoy your blog, I found it through Firefly Nights.
    Love your part of the world too!

  4. What wonderful pictures! They're so cute! And best wishes for continuing to get better.

  5. Happy Mother's Day!

    The little fellows are cute as can be! What a blessing to be able to see them grow up! And I thought my boys were getting big fast! LOL! I'm glad I'm not a momma bird.

    The oldest boy found a nest of baby birds up in a basketball goal in our cul-de-sac by their little tweets. It's far too high for me to get pictures though.

    Glad the tennis elbow is easing up.

  6. What sweet little birdies! Happy Mother's Day to you, and hope all went well with the little ones taking their first flight! Have a wonderful day and a beautiful week.



  7. OMG...those babies are so cute and what a little helper holding down that brush for you. I'm gonna miss em when they fly off...I know you will.

    We've got that wild wind blowing here too...let's just hope it doesn't blow in some more crazy weather.

    Happy Mother's Day to you and Big Hugs!

    *our new baby comes home tomorrow...get ready for lots of pics*

  8. What beautiful pictures as always. Glad to hear that you are feeling better. Happy belated Mother's Day!!

  9. Awww look at the blue on its wings. Thanks so much for sharing.


  10. awww...look at those sweet babies! I LOVE to watch fledglings. We don't always have them and I haven't seen any this year.

  11. Those little birdies are adorable and you are so fortunate to be able to watch them grow and learn to fly. Love the photos of the roses and the darkening sky.

  12. What adorable baby bluebirds!
    A successful bluebird family!
    If they only knew how much joy they bring!


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