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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Is It Still July?

It must be 'cause this Rose of Sharon is still bloomin profusely. It's another plant that we brought to our place when the house where Goodman grew up in Virginia was sold.
What do you do when you have to take a break from knitting? NOT much!
Um, you garden a lil bit. I started a chamomile plant in my herb bed & harvested just enough blossoms to...
brew a cup.....not bad after I strained it & added a bit of honey. Sure beats nothing which is what we'll be drinkin' if my hazelnut coffee gets much higher. I really want to throw some in the Harbor!
I saw this little bag on another blog & had to crochet one immediately. (So much for being good. _shrugs_) I think it looks best in a solid color yarn, but I used two leftover bits of cotton yarn.
Since I already messed up recuperating from tennis elbow w/the bag I thought I'd start a project with this yarn from the Knitting Nest (which is moving to a brand new home next week..can't wait.) Tell you all about the knitting when it's done.
A big ol' lily...blogger evidently loves it, I guess, since it uploaded a double take & won't let me remove one. What's up??
The everlasting bathmat, one reason for my elbow relapse....(I'm knitting it so tightly it's giving me a fit) kinda on hold for now as I'm knitting only two rows per day on it...stay tuned. :)
Have a wonderful weekend, Y'all!


  1. OOOh I love the lily too. How pretty. That little bag is so cute, and the color of the new project is just beautiful. Sorry the bath mat is givin ya "fits" Have fun gardening. I've got tomatoes growin but that's it. Have a great rest of the week.

  2. I love the bag! Your flowers are beautiful!!

  3. I have never seen a Rose of Sharon, I have heard of them, sung about them but never seen one. OMG I LOVE them, beautiful

  4. Your Rose Of Sharon is gorgeous. I planted several last year but with all this drought there's nothing happening. :(

    Can't wait to see what that project is...that yarn is beautiful! So sorry that elbow is being nasty about the knitting...I want to see that dang bathmat too.

    Take care of that elbow...the knitting ain't going nowhere...just like the dishes and the housework and the.... lol


    *probably good you're keeping that project a secret for'll have me trying to start something else*

  5. Get better!

    It's hard not to have yarn in the hands; I fully understand why you decided to bag it!

  6. Hello! Love your pictures! Your "shawl" looks like the one I'm knitting! I'll miss the Knitting Nest's open house next week because our son is getting married.

    My Rose of Sharon is blooming, too, along with the lilies. . .love the summers in Tennessee!

    Laurie (who needs to update her knitting blog BAD!)

  7. Aren't those little bags so cute!! I made one too. I love them. I have 6 neices, I'm thinking Christmas. Hope your elbow is doing better!

  8. Love your little ditty bag :) Not sure what your new project's lovely...very nice color and stitch pattern. Be careful with your elbow. I use my wrist brace for tough knitting like your bath mat. Really helps. It's all the little bones and tendons in the hand that cause the tendinitis in the elbow. My tendinitis was so bad that I started getting in in my other elbow as well. Take care :)

  9. Your blossoms are beautiful, esp. the double lily ^.^

    I love that little cotton bag.

    Take care of the arm, won't you.

  10. WOW what a coincidence - I also planted two chamomile plants for tea. I love that bag it is really adorable.

    I love that Rose of Sharon - they are such pretty flowers.


  11. Tea, you absolutely may come over anytime your in Michigan!! I do get a lot of knitting done there during the summer. I hate to put it all away in the fall. Thanks for your lovely comments!

  12. The Rose of Sharon is one of those bushes that I consider to be old-time farm gardening along with morning glories and trumpet vines and lilacs and honeysuckle and orange daylilies. It was a staple here in Virginia. I even have one of them behind my house. The hummingbirds love it. Glad you retained some plants from Virginia.

    I had an azalea that had been at my parents house when I was a little girl that had been moved to our farm in Northern Virginia and then to my home in Central Va. When we sold the house it was obvious that it wouldn't be a good idea to try to move the bush. By then I know it was more than 50 years old. I think the current owners eventually cut it down. I was sorry to see its long journey come to an end.

  13. Lovely pictures as always. Hubby has been suffering from the ole tennis elbow too (from tennis of all things) so I know how much that hurts. Feel better soon!

    Love the knitted goods :D


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