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Thursday, December 4, 2008


One toe-mah-toe.Two toe-mah-toes.And nearly a dozen more...okay, okay they're really tomato pincushions. (I just was lettin' you know I can talk right when I'm a mind ;) The free pattern is at  I did two things different from the pattern. I added 1/4 cup of rice in the bottom for weight, but you can add sand if you like. Also, I made a little felt stem for each tomato by rolling a small rectangular piece of felt, hot melt glued it together, then glued it to the top of the tomato.
A few more pictures from the Bentsen-Rio Grande Valley State Park, World Birding Center Headquarters. Grebes, Ibises and other water birds. I know you can't see them very well, but you get an idea of how diverse the park is with over 700 acres of birding habitat.
Palm trees wavin' bye till next week.
Have a great weekend, Y'all.
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  1. Love the pincushions! I'll have to go check out the pattern. I am in a pincushion swap so I need a few more idea's.
    Thank you for sharing your wonderful pictures as always!
    Merry Christmas, Barb

  2. Oh, those are wonderful! And more pictures of the park; beautiful.

  3. My mom had a tomato pincushion when I was growing up. Yours are really cute!

  4. Heyyyyy..your pincushions look better than mine! The pink turned out real nice. What kinda blight is on that white-speckledy one?ttyl

  5. Love love those pretty pincushions! Have a fabulous weekend!



  6. I love your toe-mah-toes. They are so cute. Maybe I'll make some "mater" pincushions one day. :P
    I do need to get off my behind and do some sewing. lol

  7. Missed so much of your blog recently. Planning on getting back to read up on everything very soon. Love the Tomatoes! So cute !

  8. how cute! those are the cutest
    "mater" pin cushions!

  9. Those pincushions are gorgeous! I love the deep red colour and those little stems and leaves. You are so creative. Is there anything you can't do???

    I like the park pictures very much, it's amazing how many varieties of birds are in that nature reserve.

  10. I so enjoy your photos! I love the tomato pin cushions and the added touch is perfect!

    It's feeling like Christmas here in West Virginia. We have about two inches of snow and it is BITTER cold.

    Have a great day!
    Lesley Ann

  11. Those tomatoes are adorable. I can see them in a wooden bowl on the table for the summer. Maybe with less heavy fabric. Of course, they make a nice pin cushion too :)

  12. Memories of childhood!! My mom had a tomato pincushion, and I haven't seen one of these in years.

    They are adorable!! Where do you find the time? I think I need to enlist your help with my Christmas projects!!

  13. Your pincushions are so CUTE! Merry Christmas!

  14. I just linked through from AK's ....that song you wrote was PRICELESS!!!! Thanks for sharing!!!

  15. Tomatoes... oh I love tomatoes.
    Real or full of rice, LOL. They
    are great

  16. Those Tomatoes are so cute!
    I enjoyed browsing your blog.

  17. First time visitor here...but I'll be back. Nice blog!

    Love the tomatoes....would be so cute as a centerpiece collection.

    My husband and I love to go to birding areas. And, we recently discussed the fact that we have never explored the Smokey Mountains. We always head West - to the Rockies it seesm. Hmmmm....perhaps your area will have a new tourist soon!

  18. Your pin cushions are adorable! Each one with a personality of it's own! Thanks for sharing them! Deb

  19. Love your pincushions, absolutely adorable! :) Especially the peach floral print...


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