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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Nick o' Time November Post

Hi, Y'all. It seems like I blinked and missed bloggin' for most of the month of November. Really, it's not my fault. I'm blamin' it on these sugar maple trees and their siblings. Goodman and I have raked and raked, and the end of it just now in sight. One stubborn tree is still hangin' onto most of its
I've done just a bit of knitting. This is the infamous (here at my blog, anyways) Scalloped Waves Spa Cloth knit with an autumn-y cotton yarn by Peaches and Cream. They named it Juanita Rose, Y'all. o.O No kiddin'. I'd have called it somethin' like pumpkin patch, but they didn't ask me. Ah, well. (Really, who's Juanita? & Where's the rose?)
I really enjoyed knitting this Scalloped Waves Spa Cloth and Daisy Options doily with Lion Brand Purple cotton yarn. Purple is good.
I trimmed the Mr. Flurry pattern down to about 2/3 of the original pattern to make this li'l guy. He has no eyes yet, but I think he's cute anyways. If you try this pattern don't be alarmed if he looks for all the world like a white birdhouse gourd when finished. The hat and scarf make a world of difference in the transformation from yarn-gourd to snowman. Here are his mug shots.Here's (not) lookin' at you. :)
We have a row of holly bushes in our backyard as a good neighbor fence. Goodman found this little bird nest in one so I snapped a pic to show you.
'til next time - Hope your nest is warm and cozy. :)


  1. Maybe they named the yarn Juanita because the colours resemble the Mexican flag?

    I was taking a look at your fleece blanket tutorial, I bought some fleece to make a gift for a newborn and I didn't know what to do with it. I think I'd go with the stitching rather than the binding, I'm not that good with the sewing machine.

    By the way, love that stubborn tree, it has all my support to hang onto its leaves and to resist winter! ;-)

  2. oooooh! purple ! I love purple !
    My birthstone is purple !
    pretty scalloped waves cloth !
    if you run out of leaves to rake
    you can rake mine! lol !

  3. In some ways I wish we lived closer to the Smokey Mountains! the cloths look adorable! Right now I'm using dishcloth patterns and doubling them to make pet blankets

  4. Your sugar maple is so beautiful and I love the bird nest in the holly bushes. So hopeful of spring.

    Juanita Rose - yes I do wonder how they come up with the names for new colours. Your cloths are gorgeous, both the colours and the pattern.

  5. That last photo makes for a happy holly-day indeed! And love that sugar maple. Gorgeous.

  6. Love your cloths and your little snowman is just too cute :)


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