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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

News From Our Li'l Wildlife Sanctuary ;)

Hope you're having a great spring. You don't want to hear how the house fix-up is going (trust me) so let's head outside. This iris is indigenous to our region of the country. It's called Southern Blue Flag.
Carolina Wrens nested in our fire thorn bush this year. Here's a li'l one fresh from the nest. They made such a racket at the window I had time to run outside and snap this photo of one on the window screen. They're clingers. :)

In other bird news a family of Carolina chickadees took over one of the bluebird houses again this year. (It's a virtual Carolina bird
It takes a minute to get up the courage to fly for the first time....

Especially with the chance that first landing might be a little rough...We're good's lookin' at you.

Iris you were here.


  1. You get the best bird pictures! You must be a super fast shot. I can't ever seem to get bird pictures without them flying away!
    Your Iris's are so beautiful. Thank you for sharing all of your fantastic photos!

  2. Lol, the one on the ground looked downright grumped out.
    Good shots, Mum:D

  3. I love Wrens! They like to get up close to the house! Wrens are good birds !

  4. Haha, little climber got shot... by the camera! Great pictures. :-D

  5. What great pictures! We've had wrens build a nest on our porch quite often, but never anything else. Love the babies. :)

  6. I always love your pictures. And the irises? My favorite flowers!

  7. OH My Gosh.
    I was visiting my blogger friend at Vintage Comfort, when I happened to see your blog on her list. What a lovely blog you have and how blessed to be located in God's little bit of heaven on earth. Can you tell I love the area you are in? You see I'm located in Cincinnati, Ohio, but your area...Knoxville-Cosby..Marysville-Newport is my home away from home. We have been going down there since I was 4
    (1964). Holy Cow River Rd in Gatlinburg was partially In the past we would take a Day or so and just ride down, but in recent years we haven't been able to get down as often as we like. I'm glad we don't have a webcam..mountain withdral is not a pretty site...but now that I have found your site I may be able to get a daily fix. Let's face it the Smokey Mountain and Gatlinbirg/Pigeon Forge Websites do not update very often, so daydreamin with thier pics is gettin harder to do. What part are you located in? The scenery you've shown look very the Newport-Cosby-backroad to N.C.
    I am sooo excited to have found a new friend in my beloved mountains. I'm gonna go now and put your blog right on my blog list. Please visit me soon at
    I can't wait to hear from you.

  8. Your bird and Iris photos are amazing! I especially love the one on the curtain :)


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