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Friday, January 14, 2011

Winter Complete With Snow, At Last

Finally. We had serious snow, six plus inches. The mountains get more, but here in the foothills we get left out of the good accumulations because we're in a valley. The chickens aren't too happy about it; they don't like walkin' around in it, but they will be okay as soon as it melts.
While Goodman has been busy with the last house improvement projects I've been knitting. I made this Thorpe with Wool-Ease Chunky in Walnut to match the gaiter I made last year.
He didn't want the flaps to have braids so I lengthened the flaps and added an i-cord loop on one and a black bone button on the other. I'm currently working on this scarf using baby alpaca sock yarn. The pattern is Gathered ScarfThese carrots are fun to make. The pattern is from the book 100 Flowers to Knit and Crochet. Hope you're enjoying the new year. See you when I can, the Good Lord willin'.


  1. Hey Tea! I thought you all had it bad at Xmas? I was watching Wate and Wbir online...holy cow Gatlinburg, Pigeon Forge, Wears Valley seems to of got hit! We were gonna drive down that week, but couldn't....I've always dreamed of getting down there and being stuck..yippee.

  2. Right about now I'm pretty sick of winter. We have over 2 feet of snow on the ground and I'm taking chances pulling out of intersections as the snowbanks are so high you can't see if cars are coming or not ;)

    Love Thorpe and your gathered scarf! Already have both saved for later....and those carrots are too cute, look good enough to eat :)

    Enjoy your snow and knitting :)

  3. Oh how I wish I could wake up to a beautiful blanket of snow right outside my window.:o) Here in Southern California we have to head to mountains when we want to enjoy winter snow. Your photo is absolutely beautiful!

    I see you have been spending time with your needles!:o) I love your gathered scarf and have been admiring that lovely scarf myself! I am in the mist of finishing a feather and fan scarf for myself. Feather and fan, as you know, is an easy knit with beautiful results.:o)

    Happy weekend to you and your family.



  4. I have a couple of skiens of that chunky walnut yarn in my closet!
    that woolese chunky knits up fast!

  5. Love those carrots! I have that book but have never made anything from it.

  6. I love your website!!! I love every pattern, link, etc., that I've seen on it!! You know if you go to this link and then there are those links to look at and you go to those links and there are more links . . . . you get the idea . . . You could "link" til the cows come home!! ;-) I'm definitely going to be doing some of the patterns. Thank you so much!! I just know we'd be the best of friends if we didn't live clear across the country from each other (I live in Central Texas)!!! LOL
    God bless you and your website!
    Myra Wade

  7. Snow! wow ;-)
    I guess I am like your chickens and don't think I would like to go out in that weather - looks terrible.
    Good that you're keeping your family warm with all those cosy projects.
    Take care!

  8. Snow! And carrots for the snowmen?

  9. my kids would LOVE to play with the carrots ;)

    That scarf is so pretty and I love the hat.


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