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Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Jewelweed*, pictured here in a photo from the internet, is truly a gem of a weed. It grows in damp places, often near poison ivy. Youngest brought a bag full of jewelweed with her last time she was here for a visit. We dried it and put it in oil to steep for a month to release it's poison ivy fighting properties. A wash or salve or soap made with it will help lessen the effects of poison ivy on the skin.

Goodman gets poison ivy every year whether he is careful about staying away from it or not so we have tried lots of remedies including an elixir made with poison ivy. A small-town drugstore in a neighboring town sells the elixir made with a small amount of poison ivy to build immunity, and Goodman takes that, which helps tremendously, but he still gets a blister now and then, so I'm going to use the oil for a poison ivy soap as soon as it's ready.

We're getting lots of produce from the garden including cantaloupes. 

I finished the socks for Goodman. I used Lion Brand Amazing yarn.

Life is just a bouquet of zinnias here in the foothills. ;)  Have a great week, Y'all.
*Jewelweed is poisonous if ingested.


  1. I am always leaning something new when I come to visit. Never knew that about jewelweed's anti poison ivy properties (actually never heard of jewelweed before either).

    Your cantaloupe is it tastes so much better than the store bought ones!!

    Goodman's socks look so warm and comfy... he won't want to take them off...LOL :)

    I LOVE your pretty zinnia bouquet. Zinnias are one of my favorites :)

    Have a great rest of the week!!

  2. Hummingbirds love jewelweed ! I saw some blooming last year on the song bird trail at Norris Dam. I have been wanting to try that Amazing yarn
    but I did not know what pattern to use it with ! scarf? hat? never thought about socks. pretty yarn !

  3. Pretty zinias, Toni. And those socks look great (and so familiar). I knit a pair for my DH last month in Noro Silk Garden. I can't remember if I posted a pic or not, but the Amazing (and pretty) yarn by Lion Brand (or was that Red Heart?) looks so like the Noro! Great taste ;)

  4. You don't have to touch Poison Ivy. You can touch something where it had been like a log or postm but no longer growing, you can even get it by being near it but not touching...I know how it is. A steamy shower with Dial soap after being anywhere near it will keep the reation down. That Lion Yarn..I have an embroidery book from 1906 that has an ad for that line..I'll haveto show ya sometime.
    Hadnt heard form ya in a while and hope all is well.

  5. Poison ivy elixir from poison ivy? Interesting. My husband is so allergic to that stuff.

    I love those socks. Makes me yearn for fall.

  6. What lovely cantaloupe, and one of my favorite fruit! I can imagine just how wonderful it is straight from the garden, delicious for sure!

    Pretty socks so perfect for our soon coming Autumn season. The colorway reminds me of beautiful fallen leaves.

    Jewelweed is also new to me too and quite useful. I would love to spend a day in the foothills with you, I have a feeling we would have a wonder time! Enjoy a lovely week!



  7. Would you kindly do a post sometime on making an oil infusion with jewel weed, and then making soap from jewelweed infused oil? What a help that would be!!!

    We love jewelweed, my Man just mushes it up and rubs it over all parts he thinks might have been exposed to the poison ivy, it helps so much. But, like another commenter said, you can get poison in the winter from touching the vines hidden on your wood supply, from pets who've been in it, etc.

    I'm enjoying your blog!!!

    Missuz C from


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