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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Favorite Things

Our favorite time of year.  Leaves are beginning to turn color...
And we're makin' fried pies from fruit gathered here on the farm...
On the knitting front I made another round of fingerless mitts from the pattern I mentioned last time. Find it here.
This crochet potholder makes me smile. Another free pattern you can try here.
Now, I think I'll go check on our hot cocoa supply for the winter. ;)
Have a great weekend, Y'all!


  1. Fall has for sure fell, Mum:D Them pies look awful good...I may have to go get some (cherry) pie fillin' from the store and make us a few...
    The blue looks really good in those mitts! It really lent itself to the pattern, didn't it? I think I'd have to grin a little at that potholder, myself:D

  2. Those fried pies sure look pretty !
    I like the way you have crimped the crust. My granny used to make those.
    Wish I had paid more attention to how she made fried pies.

  3. Mmmm, yummy-lookin' fried fruit pies, T. Those leaves look like what my mom used to call "wandering jew"...very pretty. I love your hot pad and fingerless gloves! Good job and my fav color :)

  4. Hello, I do not think there is any thing more beautiful to gaze upon than the foothills if the Smoky Mts in the Autumn. Lovely. I hope you will share more photos with us all as they continue to turn. Thanks. Hugs Judy

  5. Oh my do I want one of those fried pies, it looks sooooo good! I am also loving your beautiful pot holder and mitts. That is one lovely shade of blue!

    Happy Autumn to you and your family!



  6. That potholder is darling! I looked at the pattern on ravelry, and though those are really cute, I simply love the solid colored one you've done. I wish I could crochet a little in, enough to be able to follow a pattern.

    Thanks for your sweet welcome back comment on my blog today. :-)

    Oh, and those fried apple pies have me drooling on my keyboard.

  7. Love the mitts and the crocheted potholder! Happy Autumn!

  8. Oh, boy...fried pies!! My husband would love those :) I avoid frying anything at all costs. My boys gave me a mini deep fryer for Christmas. I've used it once ;)

    Love that potholder...looks like a giant mum :)


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