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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Li'l Quilt

The bluebird family that checks on the bluebird house just outside my kitchen window. Can you imagine a life this carefree and full of color? Oh no, I wouldn't trade places for anything, but I do appreciate their beauty.
 I finished the little quilt I told you about in my last post. It's 36 in.x36 in. and my first quilting project.
 I quilted it on the sewing machine and backed it with plain ol' muslin. Quilting seems to be easier on my hands than knitting so I think I'm going to stick with sewing for awhile.
I'm sure you've heard of the Scopes Monkey Trial that pitted the theory of evolution against The Bible. (What a debacle.)  Goodman and I were recently near the town of Dayton, Tenn. where the trial took place so we stopped by the courthouse as I'd seen it before and wanted him to see the style of it. I think is a beautiful building.
In the basement (which seemed so fitting somehow) of the courthouse there's a tiny museum with a couple pf displays and info on the trial.
This is a homemade suet made from a mixture of cornmeal, peanut butter, raisins and a bit of suet I had in the freezer is drawing a crowd. I put the mixture in the freezer for about thirty minutes then shaped it into a ball and put it in an old plastic onion bag that I had saved. This Carolina Wren and Chickadee think it's every bit as good as the suets from the store. ;)
Till next time, hope you're warm and cozy. :)


  1. Hey, the quilt looks good! All puffy and warm and bright. I'll need to claim cold feet next time I'm down, so I can use it...*wicked chortle*
    Wow. Your birds really like that ball. I haven't seen any one mine, yet. It could possibly be blamed on the 10+ cats that the neighbor feeds, I suppose.
    That courthouse looks almost medieval, aside from the innovative clock on the tower and the Scopes Trial Museum sign, I mean.

  2. Hello. The blue birds are truly beautiful. I wish I could get them to come to my yard. Your suet ball is wonderful for the birds. I am sure they appreciate it. And Your scrappy quilt is truly lovely. All the colors are wonderful. Hugs judy

  3. Your bluebirds are beautiful.It's a treat to see yours as we don't see them here. At least I've never seen one, whether we have them or not that's the question ;)

    You did a fine job on your quilt. You are very talented. Sewing's not my thing, but I do have an unfinished quilt up in my attic that I should finish it one day...

    You have some happy customers...your suet recipes sounds great. I bet you'll get more birds than you know what to do with, once the word gets out :)

    We're very warm today ---having a January heat wave; I'm not complaining :)

    stay happy :)

  4. Oh wow your quilt is great! Such happy bird's, but I'd be much happier too if I was THERE!!!sigh. We have had Snow, Ice, 60*, rain, rain, 40 with sun. I am ready to get off the roller coaster and go for the 60*

  5. Beautiful birds. I love the quilt. And wow--thank you for the bit of history: I now have a mental image of the place to go with the history.

  6. What a lovely quilt and a nice blog, too!

  7. Hello friend! What a lovely quilt! I love the colors you chose, so pretty. I can imagine how much you are enjoying those sweet blue birds. I love watching birds!

    Hope you and your family are enjoying a most beautiful new year.



  8. Can I ask how you make the suet? My husband loves birds and I thought I should make something for them to eat since we have had snow and cold weather. Your quilt is so GORGEOUS!

  9. Beautiful quilt and pretty Bluebird
    couple ! I had a pair of Bluebirds
    check our box during this warm spell.
    You have some bluebird colors in your quilt !

  10. Hi T :) I love your finished quilt, it's beautiful. I'd be so proud of myself for accomplishing that. Doncha just love muslin - it's so soft and "suitable". I take it your hands (or wrists) were still bothering you from crocheting or knitting too much? So sorry to hear that.
    You are so blessed to have such gorgeous birds in your neck of the woods: chickadees (love 'em), Eastern Bluebirds, and that beautiful golden wren.
    Lord bless you~

  11. I love your site, it feels like home for a misplaced hillbilly like me. Your quilt is beautiful, I love the colors and the values. You have a very good eye! God bless you!


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