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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Just Putterin' Along

It's a cool and rainy day here in the foothills. 

Knockout Roses
 I'll be heading out to pick up my granddaughters and a new batch of chickens later today.
Juvenile Bluebird
 This young bluebird was waiting a turn in the birdbath.
It pays to be on the lookout for the neighbors' cats. O.O

 This nest was blown from a tree in the yard.

Our blue hydrangea blooms have been in the process of fading all summer.

 I enjoyed hanging out laundry all summer...until the stink bugs showed up in force yesterday.

I do not receive monetary compensation for any advertisements. It's all free, y'all. ;)
 They love to hide in socks, by the way. O.O

Goodman and I took in a few garage sales last weekend, and I found these vintage metal seagulls for just a few, if I just had the nerve to paint a wall black...but I don't. They'll have to be content on a country white wall just as soon as I figure out which one...
Have a great week, Y'all!


  1. Oh, I'm laughing so hard at your "tourism poster"~ but seriously, what is up with the stink bugs this year? We've even had them in the house, they're everywhere!!! *UGH*
    Love your pictures as usual... hope you post some of the chickies!!! *squeeeal*

  2. oh, the stinkbugs might not be so nice. :)

  3. Okay, this is the first time I have ever seen a clothesline with a top. I can see a lot of reasons for the arrangement, but I guess Californians have just not gotten that far. Most of them still haven't thought of any alternative to a clothes dryer.

    Please post pics of your chickens. I love them.

  4. Kay, truth is most Tennesseans haven't bought the idea either. I made my cover to provide shade for us and to keep the dark laundry from fading. I used polyester fabric from Walmart. It's working. :)

  5. I am loving your vintage seagulls! Your roses are so pretty! I have been bringing spiders in with my laundry. :( We are starting to see some stink bugs too.

    Hope you are having a wonderful week!


  6. Hope the little bluebird finally got his bath. So sad about the nest. Hope the stinkbugs are gone by November. That's when we're planning our fall visit to the Smokies. :)

  7. What is a stinkbug in Tennessee? I used to see what we call stinkbugs in Cali when I was a kid. Large black beetles that raised their pointed behinds at you. I can't image being surrounded by those. Hopefully your stink bugs are smaller? Yikes! Love the gulls. You can find the best things at yard sales.

  8. Hi Elaine! Stink bugs here are trying to get into houses for winter. They're not exactly an epidemic - I just hate them and was having fun with the Tenn. tourism. ;)

  9. Pretty have me laughing on your tourist postcard..........sigh.......stink bugs are named just right aren't they? The seagulls will look pretty on a white wall!

  10. Love all the photos! I wish we could do Summer again before Autumn shows up. :-) I love the changing of the leaves but I hate to see the flowers die.

    Stink bugs ... ugh! They arrived here last week.

  11. What lovely flowers and great little bird. I do not miss stinkbugs!!

  12. Fabulous photos...thanks for sharing.

    Very nice blog.

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  13. What a lovely post! And you are a great humorist, too! The ad cracked me up! We have them in our garden but not en force! Your Knock-Outs are gorgeous! Mine are pretty bedraggled right now...hoping for a new flush of blooms :) Love to see your comments, and I am getting over a terrible food poisoning, so I'm more able to respond :)Blessings!

  14. This is an interesting clothesline. I love your vintage seagulls. Love your pictures and hope you post some chickens soon.

  15. Thanks for joining the Maple Hill Hop today. Love the clothesline. Thanks for the heads-up about the stink bugs! EWWWW!

  16. I love how you covered your clothesline! I would love to know how you did that :)Clever and utilitarian.

  17. Thanks, Jacqueline. I just opened the clothesline and measured the width and added about two inches to the overall measurement. I then cut and sewed the different fabric pieces together... hoping it would work, ha ha. I added triangle shaped (half squares) pieces of fabric at the corners for the arms of the line to fit into. To keep those corner pockets tidy looking I made a casing then inserted a length of elastic into it. Hmmm, maybe I need to do a tutorial since so many have asked about it. We'll see.

  18. Hello! Thank you for visiting and commenting on my blog! Nice to meet you.

    Lovely flower photos, and I love those cute bluebirds too. We haven't had an invasion of stinkbugs here yet, but I've been hearing about them on the news. Those seagulls are pretty!

  19. Love your seagulls! This is my first peek at your blog. Saw your comment on Mountain Musings. I love your blog header. I miss the mountains. Love them! Joyce

  20. Lovely are your photos!
    Greetings, RW & SK


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