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Thursday, July 25, 2019

The Rosy Red Runaround

Howdy from the hills!

A few weeks ago all the Carolina Wrens left the nests. This lil fellow was one of the brood in my wreath on the porch.   He's adorable.

We've had a ton of rain so our Rose of Sharon trees are bursting with blossoms.  This pink one was a volunteer from our neighbor's tree.

I was at a moving sale three years ago when I spotted a gorgeous double pink Rose of Sharon near their mailbox.  I asked if they'd mind me taking a few cuttings as they were moving, and they kindly offered me clippers to cut them.  I rooted this one below from a 6 in. cutting.

Goodman thinks this white one that is lightly tinged with pink is the result of cross pollination.  We had several of the white ones pop up in our yard that are also from the neighbor's white one.  Neighbors can be handy at times. ;)

This purple Rose of Sharon is a volunteer from one we got from Goodman's old home place in Virginia.  It's purple-er in person.

Lastly on the flowers, our white Crape Myrtle has giant blooms this year.  They're so heavy they nearly touch the ground.

The rosy red runaround:

Three years ago my face began to break out with bumps that I knew were not regular, middle-aged or any other type of acne.  I noticed it was a lot worse when I knitted with wool yarn so I attributed the rash to wool.  I put all my yarn in storage and waited for the rash to disappear.  It didn't.  So, my assumption that the wool was the culprit was wrong.  

A lady at church advised me to see a doctor because she thought I had rosacea.   Turns out that's exactly what it was, and I was given some cream to control it.   I asked my (then) doctor if the cream would make the condition go away.  She just smiled, and said to call if there were any problems.  0.0

A month later the rash reappeared.  I called and was told to come back to the office.  I did and was given a prescription for a second cream.  Again, the cream stopped working after a month.  I called and was told to come in AGAIN.  This time I was prescribed an antibiotic that was "supposed" to get rid of the rosacea once and for all.  It didn't.  

That was three office visits ($$$) and three prescriptions ($$$), and I was in the same predicament as I was before I saw the doctor.  I was finally over it and began my own research on rosacea.  I've tried a lot of different things, all of which worked only for a month or so to calm the rash.  Currently, I'm taking a supplement high in polyphenols that I'm hoping will correct the problem as some online experts think the problem originates in the stomach.  I'll let you know how that goes.   

My opinion is this:   Doctors either don't know or won't tell what causes rosacea since it has created a revolving door of office visits and drug company benefits flowing into their offices.  In either case, the right thing to do is to just be honest.  No, she's not my doctor anymore.

If you or someone you know has had rosacea and gotten rid of it for good, please leave a comment letting me know what you did.  I'd be forever grateful.  :)

Have a great rest o' the week y'all!

p.s.  After this post was published I became aware of the latest leftist policy at Ravelry so I deleted my account.  It's sad,and I'll miss it, but I cannot be a member of any group that seeks to stifle the First Amendment to our Constitution by banning legal, patriotic Americans from referring to our president or his administration while allowing all and often profanity laced liberal references.  My question to the owners is:  What does politics have to do with knitting, crocheting, spinning or anything else related to the fiber arts anyway?  Methinks you have lost your liberal minds.  :)


  1. Hello Deary,
    Oh my oh my, your flowers are beautiful AND volunteer! Lucky duck.
    I do not have rosacea, but will tell you what I've discovered. Carrageenan is a seaweed that is used primarily in dairy products and can be labeled as "natural" since it is - yes even though it's toxic. Carrageenan is very "rough" on me and makes me look like a full blown teenager - well, with wrinkles:-) There are two kinds of the seaweed, a red and a black. The red is supposedly safe, but the black is toxic. Both are used. What I've found is that it's not labeled: it will say "natural emulsifiers" or something vague like that. Might try avoiding chocolate products (even choc. chips,) dairy products, and instant products (like drink mixes, cake mixes, etc.) High quality dark chocolate like for baking, doesn't seem to bother me. It took me a while to figure out what was causing it, but once I did, it has made it easier. Hope this helps.

    1. Hi Lady Locust!
      Thank you for the heads up on emulsifiers. I always appreciate any offerings of help. I just added them to my ever growing list of toxic edibles. We are already a gluten-free, dairy-free couple of bobble heads just trying to stay alive long enough to collect a few social security checks before the pot goes empty. Sometimes I wonder if aliens have gained control, after all. LOL

  2. Hello, love your pretty blooms and the cute wren. I have to say doctors do not know it all, sometimes they rule out things one by one. Until they get it right. The medicines are costly. Enjoy your day, happy weekend!

    1. Thank you, Eileen!
      We are loving those blooms and birds.
      I'll say one thing for the health crisis in our country: It's waking people up to the fact that they must take their health into their own hands. Have a great weekend!

  3. Glad to see your lovely blossoming garden! We haven't had rain here for months and currently the only bushes with flowers are wild oleanders, which like to be thirsty. The end of the summer looks so far away in this part of the world.
    I stopped going to the doctor long time ago. No matter what they prescribe, I am prone to suffer all the side effects. Enough! ;-)
    Have a nice weekend.

    1. Hi Alhana! I had to look up oleander flowers. They are pretty. I know it's hard to go without rain. Here all the rain is not as common so I think our country is controlling that now, too, besides all the political and medical mess.

      I hope the dry days of summer pass soon.
      Stay cool!

  4. I always forget what Rose of Sharon is when I see these blooms. It's a hard one for me to remember for some reason! lol Love your pretty summer blooms!

    1. Thank you, Lavender Dreamer! There are so many flowers we all forget some now and then. Thank you for stopping by. :)

  5. The flowers are lovely.... But! Ohhhhhhh, the wren!!!!! I so love the song of "Jenny Wrens," as I used to call them, in childhood. -smile-

    Hooray for you! Leaving Ravelry! I don't knit, but have seen how Ravelry has gone to the Silly, Totally Liberal mind set. Ughhhhhh....

    Seems there will be First Amendment Lovers, who knit, and who will form a new form of Ravelry. Have you done a search on this? I hope it happens.


  6. I too had/have Rosacea. Had it so long, I don't even remember if it began, as bumps. But it looked and looks red. Only on the right side of my cheek, just right of my nose.

    Anyway, doc sent me to another office, in her place, and a woman sold me expensive makeup, to cover it. LOL.

    It was heavy, theatrical looking and did not look good on me.

    So I looked for regular cheap makeup. Found Cover Girl in a Porcelain shade. Not expensive!

    Needed more recently, and Cover Girl no longer seem to make Porcelain! I found one, in another line. Got a bottle of that liquid makeup stuff, and a pressed powder. Cover the red up. I'm happy.

    But, as I said, mine is no longer like a rash, or "hot". It just looks like little red lines, etc.

    That is all the makeup I wear, along with lipstick. I am not one, to use a lot of _make up_!



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