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Thursday, August 9, 2007

Hazy & Crazy Hot in Dixie

Don't you just wish you were here!
I's hot. It's already 79 degrees and it's only 9:30 AM and so hazy we can't see the mountains. That's hazy.

Did I mention it's hot in the South, Y'all?
Two family members had birthdays recently, so we had a celebration dinner over the weekend. We made shrimp cocktail, shish-ka-bobs, baked potatoes, etc. and a Dairy Queen ice cream cake for dessert.

These skewers of summer delight were a hit, obviously, since these were the only ones left. I made alot of them with ribeye steak dusted with garlic powder, black pepper and salt along with yellow squash, red peppers and onions.

Saturday we went to Pigeon Forge. SIL #2 rode the go carts with DH...over and over..just makes sense, right? :) They had fun. DD and I browsed a nearby western store; cute stuff but pricey..I kept thinking...I can make this...
The temperature gauge in the car showed 106 degrees outside while we were there. It was hot. Traffic was unbelievable so we took the backroads on the way back home. Country roads are so pleasant. We all enjoyed the ride.

I took this picture from the car so it's not the greatest, but I love pictures of barns, especially older ones. All this setting needs is a few hens pecking around.

My knitting has been less than exciting lately so here's something different. I actually finished this crocheted afghan last year and just stuck it in the closet. It was about 14 years in the making because at the time I started making the squares I had just finished two other afghans. I had done them so fast that I developed tendonitis and got really tired of crocheting. The tendonitis cleared up, and I eventually got back into crocheting. Anyways, after many years, last summer I dug out all the yarn and the squares that were already done, finished the remaining ones and added the border. Here's a closeup in case you are dying to see it upclose and personal. :)


  1. SO pretty! Hope your distaste won't keep you from using this proudly. Also want to thank you for the dishcloth patterns - they're some of my favorites!

  2. Okay so now I'm
    I absolutely love your photos of the drive...especially the barn. I also love photos of barns and just anything "old". You did an awesome job..can't tell it was taken from the car.

  3. Jani, I'm back to liking crocheting again, don't worry. I just like knitting better. :) Also, I'm glad you like the cloths...everyone's comments made taking the time to write the patterns seem more worthwhile.

  4. This is just stunning! What talent you have with a hook! And you're a good cook too!

  5. fantastic food fotos! YUM!
    too hot to cook-never too hot to eat!!!!!

  6. Your afghan is beautiful. It's certainly an heirloom piece.It reminds me of the lace tablecloths my grandmother crocheted.

    Stay pictures are lovely :)

    My niece's daughter is heading down soon to start college at Vanderbilt. I sure hope she gets to see all the sights in Tenn. while she's there! It looks just lovely!

  7. I think that I need to invite myself over for dinner. Your food always looks so delicious!

    Your afghan is stunning! I cannot imagine myself seeing a project like this to completion. What a wonderful heirloom!

    Today it has finally cooled off here in the Midwest. I wish you the very same breath of fresh air.

    Be blessed!

  8. I really love both the "Rose of Sharon" afghan & the Bernat Handicrafter pattern Style No. 2343-220. Do you know where I can get the shawl pattern? I'd just love to make it myself.

  9. I'm glad you sent me the link for this or otherwise I would have missed it! Having the strenght of mind to finish it after 14 years is something. Could you lend me some, please? ;-)
    The countryside there looks wonderful even in the heat of the summer. If you could see how hot and dry is here you'd hide your head under the pillows and wish it was only a nightmare: no rain for months, white dry soil, scorching heat, no vegetation or animals at all. The Earth is such a great place that it has many kinds of climates to amaze us!


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