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Monday, August 27, 2007

Quothe the Nubbins

Hark! What cloth from yon knitting wakes? 'Tis Nubbins Dishcloth and S&C Country Stripes is the one. I'm having fun with this yarn and this post. O, Violet Stripes, O, Violet Stripes! Wherefore art thou, my Violet Stripes?
Hark! Who goes there? Natural Stripes! Off with their nubbins!

What's this? A pox upon me you Poppinjay!
The double crochet bug bit me last weekend when a friend showed me an afghan she had just made. I had to have one, too. I'm halfway done as I want it 12 strips wide. For the center strips I used Red Heart Aran in the middle bordered by RH Watercolor. I know, I know, but I love those colors. (I'll use it for a little color in the study and if I get a mosquito bite...well, it'll be there. ;) And this is why I haven't yet done my little project with the fabric above, but it's on the cutting table now. Can't wait to get that one done, also.


  1. I love your nubbins cloths...great color combos and nice to know that CeElle's color theory works so great :) and it also made you quite the poet as well. Colors are inspirational. Very nice crocheted afghan.

    happy knitting and crocheting :)

  2. I wish! I'm afraid CeElle's are still many cuts above, but that's okay. I love the knitting best anyways.

  3. AH HA! so it is you who has bought up all the fun colors of
    Lily stripes! Love it!

  4. Love your dishcloths! Those are cute! I love the afghan, too! Can you send it on to my house? I think I could give it a very nice home! (just kidding!)

  5. Your RH watercolor strip-ghan is beautiful! looks fast!


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