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Monday, October 8, 2007

Two Finished Projects

Thank you for visiting my blog; and Happy Autumn even though it's still a bit warm here in the South. We're still looking forward to red and yellow leaves on the trees and cooler temperatures.I used Homespun yarn and knitted this shawl 20 inches wide and 6 feet long. It's just plain garter stitch, but it's very soft and warm; and the color is one of my favorites. Susan's prairie shawl that you can see at her blog Chipmunk Knits was the inspiration for this one. Her pattern is in the comments section of her blog under the brown shawl. Thanks, Susan!
(Okay, inquiring minds wanted to know: Cast on 55 sts and knit till the end of 3 skeins of Lion Brand Homespun yarn. Cast off; weave in the ends. go for it, y'all)
It's done at last, my crocheted Mile-a-Minute afghan. It's folded here, so you can't see that it's twelve strips wide, but it is. Have a big, beautiful banana baby buggy, Y'all. They're delicious; I'm making these mints for a baby shower that our youngest is hostessing this weekend. I'll show you a pic of the bears, bottles and pins next time. :) They're fun to make. The grandgals beg to get to help make them. Don't tell them it's work.
The plant I mentioned a few posts ago is mullein. It grows just about anywhere, especially along the roadside. It's great for putting an end to the terrible hacking & coughing that comes with colds and flu. I dry the leaves, crumble, and store them in a tin; then when the cold winds blow I'm ready and can make a tea with them. I use 1 tsp. mullein per cup of boiling water; steep 5 mins. and flavor with honey and lots of lemon. There's an abundance of herbs just outside the door just waiting for us to check them out. Have an herb-y week, Y'all.


  1. The shawl looks so warm and comfy and that Mile-A-Minute afghan really makes me wish I could crochet..someday I will learn. What cute little just do it all girlfriend!

  2. Thanks for all the links for crochet...I hope they are blonde

  3. I second the motion--that shawl looks like just the thing for a chilly day, with that afghan pulled up and a good book or knitting project in hand.

    --AlisonH at

  4. What a beautiful shawl you have knitted, a lovely shade of blue... I love to knit, and I must learn to crochet. It is so pretty, and I love the idea of only one needle! Maybe one day I will be able to crochet something as lovely as your afghan. :o)



  5. Love your new shawl.....Might have to make myself one of those....The color is very nice....Might I stress...lots and lots of honey and lemon!!! I am glad we have so much to work with that come from nature..just sorry the cures don't taste better!:)

  6. Might I have the pattern for that shawl? Pretty please?

  7. beautiful blue shawl! looks like
    blue mountains in the distance to me! looks great in garter stitch !
    you did a fantastic job with the pattern!

  8. What a lovley blog you have! I enjoy seeing all the knitted items, the painted fall gourds, and hearing about your flea market finds. Thanks for stopping by Oak Rise Cottage and leaving a comment. Glad to find another Liberty Blue owner.

  9. Mullein - I'll have to see if I can get that plant. It sounds like a good one to have around especially this time of year.

    Thanks for the knitting links. Your shawl and afghan are beautiful. I hope to be able to do things like this too one day!


  10. Your shawl is a beautiful shade of blue. Love your mile a minute afghan. It is really lovely. Even here up north, fall is taking it's own sweet frost yet and it's been relatively warm for this time of year.

    Have a wonderful weekend :)

  11. Hi Tea! Just wanted to stop by and say "hi!" and thanks for entering my contest a couple of weeks ago!

    I'm so impressed by all of the different things you do! That mile-a-minute afghan is gorgeous--I swear I'm going to learn to make one of those some day. Those mints are really precious, too! Everything looks lovely!

  12. Just stopping by to say Hi and I like that shawl too. It looks loose but warm and soft, just they way I like them.

  13. Everything looks are multi-talented....I muddle through basic crocheting...but it keeps me happy...and then I can enjoy the works of others...alebeit pictures and such..think this si my first time at your blog.


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