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Friday, October 24, 2008

Autumnal Doin's

Howdy from the hills, Y'all!
A few weeks ago Goodman and I took our annual trip to Kyle Carver Orchard in Cosby, Tenn. The drive is as much a delight as the apples in my opinion. Can you see why our mountains are called "Smoky?"
At the orchard.In the market.
Have an apple, Y'all.
As we drove through Gatlinburg on the way back home I spied this little guy perched on a rooftop. ;)

We also went on our little annual flea market trip to Ohio. I'll spare you those pictures and just show you this very unusual statue that looks like it's rising out of the ground at a church in Miamisburg, Ohio. Click for a better look.Knitting...I've done a few ballband dishrags, but I'm resting my hands for another task I'll be busy with in the next few weeks. I'll be making hundreds of wedding mints for my niece's wedding reception. We're planning a trip to Texas next month to attend the wedding. I've never been there, so I'm looking forward to that.


  1. Wow that is a statue.

    I;d love an apple. We didn't get to apple picking this year. I wasn't healthy enough but next fall... oh I am so there

  2. OOh, look at all those apples!!!
    Hundreds of mints - that sounds like a project!

  3. I so love your mountain pictures. Beautiful. And those apples are Fall personified. Have a good trip to Texas!

  4. Beautiful photos, and beautiful apples too! I can see just why you enjoyed your trip, the scenery is just lovely! Have a beautiful weekend!



  5. That's the best part of fall, getting the local apples. Those apples look fabulous as well as all your photos.

    Good luck making all those mints. A wedding in Texas...that's sound so exciting :)

  6. Lovely pics of the mountains and apple orchards. My favorite pie is a Blackberry/apple sourcream. Sounds weird but it is to die for.

    Also, love the statute, would like to see that in person.

  7. We're going on our annual fall trip to the Smokies in a couple of weeks. Thanks for the "appetizer"!

    I love the apple pics, but I find that statue strangely disturbing.

  8. Seeing your photos makes me want to hop in my car and drive up to the mountains. Man, I love it up there! It's been a long time and I really miss driving around and stopping at all the little "old stores" on the roadside and the apple stands. Makes me wish I lived up there.

  9. Mmmm, apples. I love them too! Your area is truly beautiful! Those mountains are Smokey!
    The statue is very cool. I bet it was something to see in person!

  10. Mmm..I can almost detect the aroma of all those fresh apples. What a beautiful part of the country you live in, it makes me a wee bit jealous. ;-)

    I hope you have a nice visit in our grand old state next month! :-)

  11. Love the pictures! Sounds like your going to have a great trip in the near future!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I wasn't sure if I had the correct email, so I figured I'd just stop by here instead. :)

  12. Wow, looks like you guys are having fun. Love the photo's.

  13. Lovely photos. I love baskets too.
    Have a great time in the Rep of Texas! mmmm mints.........

  14. There is nothing like the mountains in the Fall. Actually, there is nothing like the mountains. I haven't been there in a few years. Thanks for the great pics, and all the memories!! Even the smell is different. I'm sure you know what I mean!!

  15. Loved seeing the beautiful scenery from your drive!

  16. What a lovely blog you have here! You are a beautiful knitter ... or shall I say you knit beautifully? I have no idea what you look like but I bet you are beautiful too.

    I hated reading about your hurt finger. You made me cringe! I hope it heals up nicely. I know what a pain it is to have to put away you knitting ... among other things ... when you are injured.

    And I have been a basketeer also. It has been many years since I've done one, but what fun that is. Such down to earth satisfaction, like knitting.

    Have a great week!

  17. I love going to apple orchards! There is just something about the smell ... it's so comforting.

    Someday, I'm going to live in the Smoky Mountains. It's been my dream since I was a small child. My grandmother was from Cherokee Reservation. I didn't know her but my dad took us there when we were kids. That's the only place I feel at home and content.

    Love your blog and all your photos!

    Have a great time making the mints!

    Lesley Ann

  18. Beautiful photos of a beautiful area; thank you for sharing with us. The apples look so yummy!

  19. What beautiful pictures! Enjoy Texas!

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