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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Fall Cont'd

Our sugar maples are starting to color.I made another apron. For this one I used the free pattern found here. By the way, don't go here if you don't want to catch the apron bug.
I made a li'l batch of my own laundry detergent this week, Y'all, and got an added bonus; I'm saving green/$$ by going greener. Hang onto to your money and smile, Y'all.
I used the first recipe found here. Another step-by-step tutorial is here.
The ingredients are easy enough to find. Walmart carries borax. I'm told Kroger has washing soda, but if not you can buy 100% sodium carbonate (basically the same thing) at a pool store. Also, you can call the toll free number (1-800-524-1328) for the Arm and Hammer Co., and they'll tell you where in your area you can buy washing soda. I already had the sodium carbonate so I used what I had on hand.

Be cool, Y'all, Go Green. :)


  1. Your tree is beautiful!! I love the fall--with all the colors changing!!

    Your apron turned out so nice--you are so talented and do so many things!!

    I'm going to have send my daughter that link about the laundry detergent. She is going green--I'm making her market bags for Christmas!!

    Stop by and visit me if you want a good laugh!!


  2. Love your apron! You are such a talented seamstress :) Making your own laundry detergent...that's so cool ;) I bet you are using your homemade soap...which is even cooler!!

    happy halloween :)

  3. What a great apron - LOVE that chicken fabric!

  4. We are VERY green in the house of the butler and have been making our own laundry soap for awhile now. I am glad you posted this. It is a GREAT way to save money and feel good about the environment.

    Have a great weekend.

  5. Hi Tea :)

    I'm glad you stopped by my blog. :) I finally finished the slippers and have posted a picture.

    I love your apron and all the beautiful pictures. The fall leaves sure look pretty. And I love the bird print tote also!

  6. love that blue poultry apron- reminds me of my childhood pet banty chickens and rooster!

  7. The apron is darling!!!

    I feel proud (for money saved) everytime I wash a load of clothes with my homemade laundry soap. ;-)

  8. I love the apron - both pattern and fabric!! Exceedingly cute!

    I've never tried making laundry soap, and have never seen borax here but maybe I should have a harder look.

    Happy fall!

  9. Aww...those trees are beautiful. We're finally starting to see really nice colors here too.
    I know that apron...have the pattern saved. :)
    I read about making your own laundry detergent a while back but wasn't sure I could find all the ingredients. I reckon I need to check into it...saving every little penny adds up.

  10. LOL! Cool, you are too funny! Like that apron. Glad to see you're keeping busy:) (psst short stuff wants to come down and make her apron now)

  11. I looked at the pictures before I read this post. I wondered "What does freshly grated cheese have to do with Borax and pool chemicals?"

    Too funny! I never thought about making laundry soap. Very interesting.

  12. Beautiful maple--we used to have one, and I miss it. The previous owner planted it directly under the eaves of the house (!?) and, um, that didn't work, especially after we decided to expand the kitchen. But the leaves were so pretty in the fall.

    I too thought for a minute that was cheese you were grating there!

  13. Your apron is beautiful; you are so talented. I have saved the apron site!

    Gorgeous sugar maple leaves.

    Love the green detergent too.

  14. I love the apron, your projects are so nice. Fall is just beautiful, isn't it!!!!

  15. I love the apron! Thanks for the pattern info. I'm going to make one or two.

    It's supposed to be Fall here in West Virginia, although it's 81 degrees today! The trees are beautifully colored but it's too hot!

    I thought you were shredding cheese for the detergent! Is that bars of soap? Do you really think the home made detergent is as good as store bought ... and cheaper? If so ... I'll try it!

    Thanks for the
    Birthday wishes. :-)

    Lesley Ann

  16. Wonderful recipe for soap. So interesting at your blog when I visit.


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