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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

See, There's This Contest

The Dishrag Tag Race is over, but there is a contest at Emily's website that I've entered. Please go here and look over the entries. I have more than one entry as you may detect from my flagrant use of my kitchen as the background, but only one really has a chance of winning.
Search your conscience and please vote for my Darling Chapeau Embellishment.
Thank you, thank you! Oh, and if I win I'll see there's a chicken in every pot and a Cadillac in every driveway. ;) Cool, huh?


  1. I have to say that I have used my dishcloths for dusting, scrubbing the floors and compresses for an abscess (sorry--that is yuck!), but I've never put one on a hat.

    And since this is such an original idea, I went and voted for you (after looking at the other options!).

    And guess what--you're in the lead so far!!

    So, when are you sending me my chicken and Cadillac? I really could use these items!!

    Good luck with the contest!!


  2. Your picture is darling! I LOL at your campaign promise. ;-Þ

    I'll head over to Emily's now and vote....

    Been there and am now back. Didja know you're in the lead, ever so slightly, but still. I wonder how closely she's scrutinizing for voter's fraud? ;-Þ

  3. I voted. I love chicken and Cadillacs! lol

    It's neck-and-neck between three of the entries. I hope you win!

    Lesley Ann

  4. OK, I voted for ya. Now, will that chicken come with someone to cook it for me? I like to think of cooking as a spectator sport.

    We'll be headin for the Smokies soon - can't wait - just love the mountains in the fall.

    Best of luck on the contest!

  5. It took me a while to come tell ya but I did vote for ya! Good luck!!
    I hope you win cuz I want my can keep the Caddy. :P

  6. Oops, looks like I missed the voting deadline, but I would have voted for you. I think that's a neat idea you have. :) I'd like to add a little ribbon like that to a project I have in mind (if I ever get around to making it).

  7. Hey, that looks even better than I thought...Mom..(are you in a tizzy tryin' to figure out where "youngest" got on the net?)
    I hope you at least get an E for effort.. Love, Meme.^)

  8. meme.^), I knew immediately (well, almost) you were at the library.
    You KNOW how quick I am. ;)


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