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Monday, November 10, 2008

Trees Ablaze With Color in the South

Our trees here in the South are starting to show peak color now. The evening sun lit this one up like fire for the picture. I huge, big "Thank you!" to all who visited Emily's site and voted for my hat with the dishrag bow!I didn't win the contest, but my entry did give the winner a very close shave. ;)
Nope didn't win that one, but to my great surprise I won the best time to knit a dishrag contest..go figure..very surprised about that one.
I'm still sewing aprons, can't stop myself. I free-handed the pattern for this apron, but it doesn't fit me so I guess it's back to the drawing board...too bad since I really like chickens.
Heeere chick, chick.
No knitting to show as I've been busy making wedding mints for my niece's wedding reception.
Here's a look at a few of them packed in containers. I've done 84 pink peppermint hearts, 90 amaretto doves and 80 creme de menthe leaves. Next comes the roses, lots of roses. You can see the molds in the bottom right side of the picture.Have a great week before the week before Thanksgiving, Y'all. ;)


  1. I love the apron! I want to make one!

    The trees look like they do here in West Virginia.

    The mints ... for every ten I made ... I'd eat two!

    Awesome work! Have a great week!

    Lesley Ann

  2. WOW!! That tree is one of the most beautiful I've seen this autumn!!

    And all those candies you're making!! You are just one awesome, crafty person!!

    And by the way, I still liked your hat the best!!


  3. Your tree is gorgeous!! Love that apron...too bad it doesn't fit you, but I bet it will fit one of your girls. Your mints are perfect:) Your niece sure is lucky to have an aunt who is a candy maker :)

    Have a good week and don't work too hard!!

  4. I just now discovered your blog and love it. What wonderful things you make!!

    I live in Idaho, but was born in Knoxville and raised in Clinton, Tennessee. I sure do miss my mountain home and the beauty of those hills.

    Stop over at The Serenity Gate when you get a chance. I'm doing a giveaway!

    I've added you to my favorites.

  5. Gorgeous tree! We had some nice color but the winds the last few days have pretty much made all the trees bare now. Kinda gloomy looking.
    Your mints are beautiful - looks like a lot of work!

  6. I love the picture of the tree. It is so pretty.
    I like chickens too! I'm sure you can find someone the apron will fit.
    The mints look so yummy too! Have fun creating!

  7. Hello Tea!

    The trees are beautiful, what magnificent color! I just know the countryside is absolute lovely right now! Enjoy!

    You have been one busy lady! The mints look wonderful, and I love your apron those are some pretty chickens!:o)



  8. The leaves look yummy enough to eat; I love autumn colours!

    Your apron is beautiful with those little chicks everywhere. You have so much talent.

    Mints, mmmmm, pretty colours and shapes.

  9. cool mints! you can make the mints for my next wedding! all of our
    37 year old wedding gifts are wore out! including me and husband!

  10. Well, drat; and I was really looking forward to that chicken and caddy! The entries were all great, but I thought your's had it in the bag. Oh, well, you did win something. :-)

    I am in awe of your many talents, and your ability to get so much done!

  11. I think those would be 'vermilion' on hot^)

  12. Thanks a bunch, Youngest! I see you haven't lost your good sense of humor whilst roamin' the hills of Ol' Virginny. See you next week, Lord willing.

  13. Wait, how did Thanksgiving get that close?

  14. Those mints are so beautiful ... and I bet they are delicious!!

  15. OMG OMG!!! Now this apron I love!!!!!! I have some fabric but have yet to even try to make one.

  16. First of all thank you for coming by and commenting, you certainly have enough chickens on your apron and those wedding mints look good, may I help myself.

  17. Wow that is a beautiful view. I love your apron, how pretty. Are those the mints made with cream cheese and powdered sugar? My Mom and Grandma used to make those.


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