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Friday, October 3, 2008

Crumpled in a Heap

It was Monday afternoon, Goodman was still at work. The grandgals and Oldest were staying for dinner. Me, I was mindin' my own business, cooking supper for five today. Out of nowhere someone wields a knife. In a short moment I felt the sting of a sharp knife; then blood ickin' everywhere. In a panic I ran to the medicine cabinet and sink. I don't remember much else for the next hour except in a fog thinking... Peroxide. Supper is going to be a tad late. Bandage. Where's the neosporin? I have to stop this flow of blood. (It sure makes food preparation icky.)
Whodunit? Sadly, my own knife points an ugly, bloody blade back to myself. Fast forward. Goodman arrives and takes over the choppin' board. Punkin 1 has meantime fried some very tasty potatoes, and Punkin 2 is waiting to add cooked noodles and gravy to the leftover roast..if it ever gets chopped. Finally, Oldest arrives and when told the blood flow hasn't stopped, she says once she had a cut that wouldn't stop bleeding, and when she'd had enough of it...she smacked it. Huh? Really? Well, I'd had enough by now. Sure enough, the blood flow stopped. For real. Coincidence? I don't think so. Remember that; it could come in handy.

Now, crumpled in a heap....
I was three inches from finishing the "everlasting bathmat." Maybe next week.


  1. Goodness! You take care of yourself, y'hear? Gotta hand it to the kid for thinking fast, though.

  2. Ouch... Hope your finger is feeling better soon. It's never fun having wounded fingers. It sure makes it hard to do most anything.

  3. OUCH!!! I hope your finger heals up quickly!! It's hard to knit or do anything with an injured finger!!


  4. Awe, so glad your okay. So, close. You'll finish it! Hope your finger is better really quick!!

  5. Oh no!! Ouch!! Hope it's not too bad.

  6. I had first aid in girl scouts-
    wish I could remember any of it!
    what is the phone number for 911 ????? I get weak at the sight of blood!

  7. Were you trying to juggle that knife and cook at the same time?

    Glad you're OK, but that's gotta put a cramp in your knitting.

  8. You gotta watch those knives...they will just jump out at ya from nowhere...even the dishwater. (trust me, I know)
    I hope it heals soon so you can finish that bathmat. I love that color.

    *love the new blog header too*

  9. The beginning of your post was quite scary...glad you are ok...sounds like a close call though...good thing you had people there to help you!!

    I can relate...I've sliced myself more than once. Take good care of the wound and you'll be knitting again before you know it!!

  10. Oh My! Those knives have a mind of their own. My knife is always trying to get closer to me too!
    The only good thing about a cut on your finger, it seems to heal pretty fast. Enjoy the down time!

  11. Hi! I found you through the comments in Happy Handwork's (cinnamongirl) blog. You sound dangerous with a knife. :-o I can't count the number of times I've cut myself. I try to remember to s-l-o-w down. ;-)

  12. Ouch ... I hope it heals quickly. The color of that bath mat is awesome! What kind of yarn are you using? I really like the pattern.

    Glad you liked my bluebird pictures. I just love watching them. :-)

    Hope the cut heals quickly!

    Lesley Ann

  13. Ouch! Not a good thing for a knitter. Hope you are healed up soon, Watch those knives, they can really be sneaky.


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