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Monday, March 18, 2013

Turmeric, In A Capsule

Greetings from the hills! Crocus.
 I'm looking forward to warmer weather, but I'm really going to miss all the soups we've been enjoying lately.
 This is Chicken and Gnocchi Soup that tastes exactly like the soup by the same name from The Olive Garden. It's very good.

We've planted cabbages and broccoli in raised beds, but today I want to share something that has helped me in the past and, evidently, has untold health benefits. *
A few years ago I began taking a few capsules of turmeric a day when I'd have a flare-up of pleurisy, and within a day or two I had no pain and was on the mend. After hearing how well they work for other things I now take them for joint pain, too, and I have been amazed how they take away the pain. Capsule Machine found here: (no affiliation)  You can also get organic turmeric at the same place or in bulk from some World Market stores.

 Turmeric, as many doctors are noting, has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties. It's also an antioxidant..

 Studies have shown that it plays a huge part in the prevention of Alzheimer's disease and even CURES some head and neck cancers. How has this been overlooked for so long? It hasn't in some countries.

  A quick internet search will enlighten everyone to the great health benefits of turmeric. Of course, you probably know it's a wonderful culinary herb that is found in many curry powders. In many Middle-eastern countries where turmeric is a regular seasoning in daily diet Alzheimer's disease is nearly non-existent. 
I use it when I make bread and butter pickles, too.
*Disclaimer: Even though this works for me, I'm not a doctor, so consult your health care professional.
Have a great week, Y'all!

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  1. Loved seeing your Spring Flowers. I will have to do some research on Turmeric. Have a lovely week. Hugs Judy

  2. Nice crocuses, there! They look so nice and green and new, spring must be here.
    I must, must, must make the chicken and gnocchi soup. I think my worst problem is remembering all the ingredients when I'm at the store O.o
    It's good that the turmeric helps. I remember you having pleurisy and just waitin' it out for weeks.
    Oh, for green things!
    This may require a second cup of chai to get through (since the daffodils haven't even started blooming, yet).

    1. Take heart, TanasiGirl. We're only a few weeks ahead of you weather-wise. Green is in its way. I think you'll like the soup.

  3. I have always heard good things about the turmeric and mix a bit in with rice. Whst I am finding most interesting is your capsule maker. It is awesome!

  4. It is awesome, Kay. The capsule machine sure makes the job easier! They're available here:

  5. Hi! Your crocuses are so pretty! I can't wait until ours thicken up. Your soup looks so good, and I can't wait to start planting. I had no idea that I could make my own little medicine capsules. I have never used turmeric so I am going to look for some.

    I hope you are having a great day.


  6. Hi Vicki!
    Spring is finally sprung here so it'll be up your way really soon. :)

  7. Toni,
    You are SO right about turmeric!! I've taken it for almost 8 years and have been helped over lupus and hip pain. I'm sure it makes me clearer mentally and helps with inflamed gums, too. Glad you are getting the word out. I like Bulk Herb Store's product.
    Your crocus are beautiful...

  8. Beautiful blooms! I have heard of tumeric being this good before.

  9. I had not heard all this about turmeric. I can see I need to do some research.

  10. Toni, I think you are so much fun!! Yank you, yourself :-]
    Have a blessed day, my friend!

  11. My yard rabbit sure would enjoy your raised bed garden ! He is just waiting for me to buy some plants from Lowes for him to nibble on !
    Will have to investigate the health benefits of Tumerick !

  12. Wow, thanks for all the great info on tumeric -- I had no idea it was so beneficial. And I wanted to thank you for the awesome bath mat pattern, but I couldn't figure out how to comment on that post!

  13. I enjoyed your pictures, and I am especially interested in the things you shared about tumeric. I've been reading a bit about it lately, and am very curious. How did you determine how much to take? I'm seriously considering taking it myself. I assume it's cheaper in the long run to fill your own capsules? Do you mind sharing the source of your tumeric, too? Questions, questions, questions, huh? ;-)

    If you'd prefer e-mailing to posting, my address is: Thanks!

  14. Thanks for sharing all this information about turmeric. I have never contemplated that you could make capsules at home. This is terribly interesting. Thanks for sharing this on the Good Neighbor Hop.

  15. Thanks for sharing all this information about turmeric. I have never contemplated that you could make capsules at home. This is terribly interesting. Thanks for sharing this on the Good Neighbor Hop.

  16. I just looked at your post again and really need to get the capsule machine for our own family. I've purchased and sent them to others, but we need one now to lower the cost of all the turmeric we use :) Peace, grace, and mercy to you today, Toni!

  17. Hi there, thanks for sharing this! My grandfather was taking turmeric for some health issues which is where I first heard of it but I never knew about the joint pain. My hubby can suffer from that. I am going to tell him about this since he appreciates natural remedies as well! I also put it in my pickled eggs :)

  18. Thanks for the information on the capsule machine! ~Blessings!


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