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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Prim & Propple Doily

Prim & Propple Doily

Sugar and Cream - Kelly Green

This worsted weight, crochet doily is perfect to use as a hot pad with your teapot.
Measures 9 inches in diameter
I ball worsted weight cotton yarn
Size G crochet hook

Ch 4 and join with a sl st in beg chain.
Round 1:  Ch 4 (counts as 1 dc, dc 17 in ch circle, join with slipstitch in top of beg dc. (18 dc)
Round 2:  Ch 3,  popcorn in st at base of ch,  *ch 4, skip one st, popcorn in next st, repeat from * around, sl st in beginning st. (9 popcorn sts)
Round 3: ch 1, sc 5 in each ch 5 loop. Sl st in beg st.
Round 4:  *Ch 5, sl st in 3rd sc, ch 5, sl st above popcorn. Repeat from * and slip st in beg st.
Round 5:  *Chain 5, sl st into 3rd ch (mid arch), then ch 5, sl st in sl st of previous row. Repeat from *,  sl st in beg st.  (18 loops)
Round 6: Sl st to middle of loop, *ch 5, sl st in middle of next loop. Repeat from * around. (18 lps)
Round 7:  Repeat round 6
Peaches and Creme - Key Lime Pie
Round 8:  Ch 3, popcorn in st at base of chain, ch 4, sl st in loop, ch 4, *popcorn in sl st (valley), ch 4. Repeat from * around. Sl st at top of beg popcorn. (18 popcorn sts)
Round 9:  Ch 1, *sc in next lp right next to popcorn, 2 dc in sl st, sc in next lp right near next popcorn. Repeat from * around. Sl st in beg st.
Round 10:  *Ch 4, sl st in 3rd  dc, ch 4, sl st between sc sts. Repeat from *. Sl st in beg st.
Round 11:  Sl st to center of next lp, *ch 4, sl st in next lp. Repeat from * around to last ch 4 & join with sl st in beg st.
Round 12:  Repeat round 11.
Round 13:  Sl st to center of next lp, *ch 5, sc in next lp. Repeat from * around ending with ch 5, sl st in beg st.
Round 14:  Sl st to center of next lp, *ch 1 sc in same lp, dc in sc (valley), ch 3, dc in same sc, sc in lp near top. Repeat from * to end of round. Break yarn and weave ends.
Peaches and Creme - Sea Mist
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  1. Very pretty. I love variegated yarn, too.

    1. Thanks! I recently ran across this and the bath mat pattern and realized I'd forgotten to post them.

  2. Your doily is very lovely and the color is wonderful... I also just notice your Tulip Stitch cloth. I am going to give a go. Thanks for sharing your patterns. I would also like to wish you and your family a Very Happy Easter Holiday. hugs Judy

  3. Thank you, Judy! I hope you enjoy the Tulip Stitch Cloth.

  4. Your doilies are so nice! My mom made an afghan using the popcorn stitch and I love it.

    Have a great weekend!


  5. Thanks, Vicki! I bet your mom's afghan is gorgeous.

  6. Toni, The yellows and greens remind me of my Nana who lived in Jackson, Mississippi. Very pretty work and tension on your yarn. I have never made a doily...but I am working on some booties :)

  7. Thank you, Jacqueline! I hope you'll post a picture of the booties when you're finished with them.

  8. Oh, nice doily! Thank you very much for sharing, I love those popcorn stitches and how they make the fabric thick enough to hold a hot teapot. Needless to say, I have to give it a try even if I don't have a teapot! (I am a tea bag user) ;-)

    Happy Resurrection Day!

  9. Hi Alhana! I use some loose tea, but I'm a teabag user, too! It's all good. *chuckles* Glad you like the doily.

  10. I can't comment on the bathmat post, but I would love for my daughter to make one of long do you suppose it would take to knit this up?

  11. Hi Jacqueline,
    I knitted this bath mat in a few weeks working on it for a while each day. It knits up fairly quickly since it's made holding two strands of yarn together. I hope your daughter enjoys knitting it. :)

  12. Oh~ that is beautiful!!!
    Teach me to crochet... puhleeeze? :)

  13. I'm working on this and have run into a couple of problems. It may just be me but......
    In Rnd 9 do you sl st in the loop on each side of the popcorn and work 2 dc in the sl st?
    And in Rnd 10 it says to sl st in 3rd dc but there aren't 3 dc groups in Rnd 9 and it says to sl st between the sc sts and there aren't 2 scs together in Rnd 9 so I'm confused. You can reply to me at butterflycrochet at


  14. Wanda, just follow the directions in US stitches and it will be fine.


Thank you for your comments!