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Friday, July 13, 2007

Blackberry Pickin' Time

It's been a busy week, but I did have time to knit a round burgundy cloth. I don't know why this one looks blurred, but if you want to see it bigger and a lot clearer just click on the picture.

We've been heading out to the back four all week long. Why? You'd think it would be to do some serious weed whacking, but look closer those aren't just any ol' weeds.

They're blackberry canes. We were thinking there wouldn't be any berries to pick with the lack of rainfall this year, but it came just in time.
The rain we got last week plus a gully washer that blew in Monday helped plump the berries up beautifully. They are so good. Ask any junebug you see; they love them, and they continually buzzed out of the canes as soon as we started picking the berries. The junebugs are prolific to annoying this year. Did you ever play with them in the summertime when you were a kid? My brother and I did. We tied a string to one of the legs and "flew" them around for awhile 'til we either got tired of it or the leg came off. Yes, I'm sorry about it now, but we were just kids back then.

Poor ol' Charlie doesn't like berry pickin'. There were no field mice around to chase after. He tried to get a young quail that was hiding in the berry patch, but although he didn't like it, he managed to stay when we threatened him.

A gallon bucket full of wonderful berries. We've picked four gallons so far. Looks like the grandgals and I will be busy making jam for a while.


  1. I love LOVE your knitting. Great job. Wow those black berrys remind me of being a little kid and spending the summers with my grandparents.

  2. I just discovered that I have blackberries growing at the edge of my yard...I don't have as many as you do though :( Was thinking a pie would be so good.

  3. That looks like fun! :) I wish we had blackberries in our woods. Oh well, at least we have woods.

  4. You are so lucky to have all those blackberries...good luck with your jam making...yum :)

  5. I downloaded your picot edge pattern to try. I am in a "round" cloth mood lately, so it was timely! Those berries look wonderful, as do all your beautiful pictures of the mountains. We honeymooned in Gatlinburg in September..20 years ago!

  6. of course I played with Junebugs!
    we played with whatever we could find! (box turtles, lizards, snakes,
    and crawfish!)


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