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Friday, July 6, 2007

Nubbins Cloths, Towel

Nubbins Dishcloths Can you tell I'm enjoying making these? From left to right; I used Sugar&Creme Lavender Ice, Swimming Pool and Strawberry Swirl.

Texture extravaganza...nubbins rule!...well, in this photo anyways.

The first dish towel I have made...ahhh yes, Nubbins. The blue is Peaches and Creme Royal with Sugar&Creme Sunshine and Sun Kissed.

The other' nubs, can it get any better? :))
This brings my dishcloth total for the year to 65. What was I was doing the rest of the time. ;)


  1. These turned out beautifully! These dishcloths have been on my "to do" list for a long time. I need to learn the cast on-method before I can hope to try these.

    You have been very hard at work! :)


  2. Those are so cute! You are a nice even knitter. I think my knitting is a little more inconsistent. The next non-KAL dishcloth I do, is going to be a ballband.

  3. I love the nubbin's towel!! Very cool with all the colors.I think the homemade towels are the beat...I use one(ball band) as a dish's so absorbent!! I'll have to make a nubbins one now.
    Thanks for the idea :)

    happy knitting :)


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