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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

West Virginia, Ballband Cloth

We were in Beckley, West Virginia this past weekend for the dedication of the church you see here. It was an especially, special dedication because this church building replaces the one that was destroyed last year by arson. The person(s) responsible were not found, but that was never the focus of the folks who go to church there. They're more concerned about reaching others with the good news of the Gospel. While in Beckley, some friends took us to a park that has one of the best views I think I've ever seen. I could tell before we actually got to the overlook that it was going to be a good one.There's no way a picture can do justice to this magnificent view, but click on the pictures for a better look. That's the New River in both pictures. We were told it's one of a few rivers in the Northern Hemisphere that flow from south to north. I think this is the southern view.

North view of the river. That's a train track you can see to the left of the river. A train happened to pass by just after we got to the overlook.
That's me enjoying the scenery.
Guess who left their knitting bag sitting on the dresser when it should have been packed in the car? Can you imagine a road trip with no knitting? And to think I had just been to The Knitting Nest the day before we left for some sock yarn, too. What was I thinking? Oh my, the pink, green and cream yarn is wonderful, Austermann 75/wool and 25/polymide. I'm casting on with it today for toe-up socks using the magic loop method. It'll probably take eons to finish them. I'm still new to using one long circular for sock knitting.
Ah well, back to the trip... a fast dash to a Walmart along the way, and I was knitting again. I got a ball of peaches and cream Sea Mist and borrowed a pair of needles from my daughter to work on this ballband dishcloth. I'll probably always think of our trip to Beckley, W. Va. when I use it. :)


  1. I had to email my husband first to double check...we were there in Beckley a few summers ago!! We have very good friends that live in W. Va. They took us to see that river. Absolutely beautiful. They live up in the mountains near a ski resort. My boys had so much fun. They found fossils which were amazing. Beautiful country. Glad you were able to get your emergency fix of yarn. I can't be without my knitting ;)

    happy knitting :)

  2. Pretty pictures! I love the mountains. That's a pretty dishcloth! I'm sorry you left your knitting bag at home!

  3. Thank you for the beautiful WV pix. I was born in Hinton, was there 2 years ago (for the first time in 28 years) It is beautiful! Now I have to go back and see Beckley.
    I just found the BallBand cloth pattern. I will always think of it as my West Virginia Ballband Cloth.
    barb in southern oregon

  4. it makes my heart happy to see another convert to Ballband knitting! So pretty in the colors you selected!

  5. BTW-
    I really like how you used the same color yarn for both MM and CC in your blue/green Ballband. Did you use 2 separate balls of SNC or did you knit from the same ball? Inquiring knitting minds want to know......:- )

  6. Thanks, Mrs. B. I just knitted straight from one ball of the variegated yarn. Sometimes I am a bit lazy about cutting yarns for combos, but I like this as well as the mm/cc color combinations, so I took the easy way. I guess I just like watching the variegated yarns play out their colors, and this one worked especially well. Thanks again for your encouraging comments. :)


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