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Monday, September 17, 2007

Big South Fork Scenic Railway Trip

Saturday we took visiting family members on a short train trip into the backwoods of Kentucky.

At Stearns, Kentucky you can see and experience the same ride that coal miners took everyday to work during the 1920s through the 1950s. I got movie clips of our train but no good still pics. Our train had several open-air cars. I was hanging out the window a bit to get this picture, which was a big no-no, but my readers are so worth it! ;)
There were lots of big rocks and a stream along the way to the mine.

This picture is of a reconstructed area of the mine. You can see what a small space it was to work in. The tools were a sight more primitive than what is used nowdays. I felt sorry for the men who worked there even though the mine is no longer in operation.
This is the tipple where the coal was loaded into the train cars when the mine was in operation. We rode in the caboose on the way back to the depot. That was fun.

I got a little knitting done even with company staying with us. Here are a couple more fall colored (S&C Natural) Nubbins Dishcloths. Candy corn anyone? Have all you want; there's more. :)
Sa-lute! I knitted this red, white and blue Nubbins Dishcloth on the way to ride the train, on the train and on the way back home. Sigh. I love knitting.
Have a knittingly wonderful week, Y'all!


  1. My baby was quite the train fanatic when he was little. He would have loved your train ride. We have been on several scenic train rides all over New England and even PA.

    Love your nubbins. Still have them on my list to try. Just wish I had more time to knit ;)

    happy knitting :)

  2. America the Beautiful indeed. What a cool blog you have! I'm trying not to be homesick for back East, looking at those pictures.

    --AlisonH at

  3. WOW, those are some great pictures. I love reading your blog.


  4. I must buy some of that Fall stripes yarn !

  5. I love riding the train... and your cloths! I'm so into the fall colors right now! Especially for dishcloths!

  6. What a lovely train ride you had... I know this is one ride I would have loved! I have never been on a train, and I keep promising myself that one day Honey and I will take a long and peaceful scenic train ride! You have indeed inspired me...thank you :o)

    The knitting looks lovely and so does the candy corn, one of my favorite candies... Thanks for the sweet comment on "Silhouette" so glad you liked it.

    Have a wonderful weekend...


  7. Looks like a wonderful train ride! Love the dishcloths you knitted!



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