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Thursday, September 27, 2007

It's Officially Autumn

I hope it's cool breezes and sunny skies where you are. Here in the south we're still waiting on the cool breezes. In the meantime....I've been finishing the strips for this crochet afghan that I showed you a few posts back. All twelve strips are done, and I'm slooooowly sewing them together. Here's some knitting content. I'm not finished with this project yet, but I'm getting a little closer to finishing everyday.
These are tiny turnip greens poking their heads up out of the ground. We're looking forward to eating these little fellows in a month or so. They're quite tasty, and we love a nice dinner of them along with a country ham biscuit. Have I mentioned we're Southern, Y'all?
I harvested a bumper crop of this plant recently. Any guesses what it might be? Hint, we use a lot of it during cold season for chest congestion.
This moth lit on the window screen and stayed there several hours. It had a birds-eye view of my kitchen sink the whole time. I wonder if it was just taking a break or if, maybe, it liked the smell of my dishwashing apple scent.

We're enjoying the seasonal candies this year...maybe a little too much, but anyways, have a handful of this mix before it's all gone.
Have a great week, Y'all.


  1. I love your blanket!! My mom made one (looks like same pattern) as a baby blanket for my youngest. (Believe it or not it's still in his bed at age 12, 13 in November). I think she crocheted the strips together. My mom was like me, avoided sewing anything together that we didn't have to! The blanket is well worn, but loved.

    Your medicinal plant is a big mystery to me! Very handsome looking plant. I bet there are lots of delicious aromas besides the green apple dishsoap coming from your kitchen ;)

  2. I love candy corn...thanks for Your blankie is so pretty (I wish I could crochet) and let me know when those turnip greens are ready...I'll be right over.

    Thanks for the awesome sweet comment you left me today...had a very upsetting morning and this just made my day. I knit because I love makes me happy...I sure never expected to hear someone say something like that to me. That little comment meant the world to me today.


  3. I would love to have the"recipe"
    for the crochet strip-ghan !I like
    the way you crocheted around the edge
    of each strip in that yarn!

  4. I must have alzheimers! I have an annies attic mile-a-minute pattern
    I forgot I had! looks alot like your strip afghan.!

  5. LOVE your mile-a-minute crochet blanket! I've had a booklet on how to do that forever, and I may get it out one of these days soon, because I really love the way it looks! :)

  6. I'm guessing "Eucalyptus plant" Am I right,huh, huh??

    Thanks for the Autumnal photos! Maybe
    I'll get some fall decorating started today! Or go pick my veggie garden!

  7. The blanket is just beautiful! I love the colors you chose...just lovely.

    Yummy, I love some turnip greens! You are so right they are delicious. At Thanksgiving we never fail to cook up some turnip greens, mustards, and collard greens...oh my goodnes I am getting excited just thinking about it LOL!

    Have a wonderful weekend...

    Beverly :o)

  8. oh! such lovely photos! Your afghan is fabulous.. I love the colors!

  9. Oh, sorry, that's me--AlisonH at I abandoned Blogger awhile ago, but Blogger hasn't entirely let go.

  10. I love the colors in your blanket! Very pretty. Great shot of the moth. My husband and I love turnip greeens, our daughter not so much :)


  11. I enjoyed you sharing your start of autumn with us. Lovely pictures. I really like you afghan, a lot of work went into it. I don't think your plant is Eucalyptus plant but I can't put my medical finger on it.
    Talk to you soon,


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