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Sunday, September 9, 2007

Everlasting Summer in the South

And the summer of '07 went on and on and on. No Ma'am, I'm not complainin'...just statin' facts and really, really looking forward to fall. Amazingly, our pink crape myrtle is still blooming. The saga of Nubbins & stripes is ongoing, also. Here's a Nubbins Dishcloth in Pinky Stripes by S&C. This pattern shows off the stripes the best that I've seen so far, and the garter stitch cloth itself is soft and easy to use.
I knitted a 100-stitch long back scrubber for the shower with another ball of Pinky Stripes yarn. Last week when talking to my daughter, B on the phone she mentioned that she had been knitting Nubbin Back Scrubbers! Well, you know how it is when a knitter hears something new, especially with nubbins involved, so here's my version of her idea. It's 26 inches long and almost 4 inches wide. It works fine. Yes, those are nubbins on the ends. ;)
Another Nubbins Dishcloth in S&C Tie Dye Stripes. I guess I don't need to mention that I'm on a nubbins kick, again. Life is good. Have a great week!


  1. Your cloths are all beautiful (back scrubber - great idea! ) and that myrtle is out of this world. Lucky you living with such color. I bought some of the stripes yarn, but have yet to try it out. Couldn't help myself after seeing your earlier cloths.

    happy knitting :)

  2. I just love your knitting! The pretty blue swirl cloth caught my eye, and I was so pleased to see you have free patterns! I will be trying the Picot swirl Cloth. I have NEVER knit a round cloth before, but I will give it a try. I love knitting cloths, because they are so useful, quick and just plain fun! Thank You...


    Beverly :o)

  3. Love your nubbins cloths and back scrubber. I also love your circular cloths. How do you sew them together?


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  5. More pretty cloths, as usual. I love the long back scrubber. And I wish anything was still blooming around here...still only getting little bits of rain..dry as a bone. Fall, please, COME ON ALREADY!

  6. You do such a great job! Stripes is a great yarn for those! That back scrubber looks like a scarf! I love the blue stripes! Hobby Lobby was all out of stripes yesterday, because all the SnC was on sale! Darn it!

  7. I am on the Monthly Dishcloth KAL list too, and I just looked through your whole blog. Wonderful!!! I love the dishcloths, and I LOVE the pictures of the Great Smokey Mountains - I have only been there I am longing to see them again!!!!
    In Christ,

  8. Your cloths are lovely - The stripes yarn is so fun to knit with :o).


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