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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Spring & Knitting & Crocheting &.....

Happy Spring, Y'all!
Our Bartlett pear trees are in full bloom now. We didn't get any pears from them last year because of the spring freezes. Hope springs eternal, though. We're hoping this year for at least enough for the grandgals to pick some & make fried pear pies. Fried pies, fried squash, fried chicken, oh yes. We do live in the deep-fried South, afterall. ;)
I finished the crocheted shawl I showed you in my last post & have it ready to give away this weekend. I hadn't made a triangular shawl in a coon's ago so I enjoyed making it. The free pattern is on Ravelry by Knottie by Nature.
The Meadow cloth by Lindy was the April knitalong at Monthly Dishcloths KAL. This cute, free pattern is at Lindy's blog...tell her Tea sent ya. ;)
Another dishcloth (Can you have too many?) Click for the free Camper pattern. Does this bring back memories or outside, lots of smoke, no running water, fishing, lots of dirt, toting stuff, lots of stuff, etc.
Knit, just go ahead & knit, Y'all!


  1. Beautiful pear blossoms and beautiful "pear blossom" shawl!
    Hope we have had the last killing freeze or you will have to knit a pear tree cozy!

  2. Fried Pies!!! I haven't had one those in a coon's age. Man, I love me some fried pies...with a little dab of ice cream on top. Yummy!
    The pear tree is gorgeous...I love all this Spring!
    That dishcloth reminds's almost camping time again. Woo Hoo!!

  3. We had a pear tree at our house when I was a kid. That thing produced so heavy one year, Dad had to hold up the branches with a variety of 2x4s to keep the branches from breaking under the load. We had tons of canned pears and pear preserves.

    And fried pies! Are you trying to make me homesick?? I always had rhubarb fried pies, but I'd take a pear in a flash.

    The shawl is gorgeous! You are such a prolific knitter and crocheter. I haven't even started on that dishcloth yet.

  4. Pear pie with lime, not lemon juice--my mom's best. Yum.

    We have a flowering pear: beautiful, but the so-called fruits are funny--they're the size of my pinky finger nail. All for show, none for blowin' the diet... But it IS pretty!

    I laughed out loud at the camper cloth. Perfect!

  5. LOL! I had TWO fried apple pies just this afternoon!

    Aren't all the trees so beautiful right now. My pear tree has blossoms too. I didn't get any last year but it's only 2 years old so maybe this year I'll get one or two pears!

    The shawl looks so soft and pretty - almost like lace!


  6. I love the camper dishcloth. Brings back nostalgic memories of camping with my family in our old 1950s Shasta trailer. Those were some fun times!

  7. Gorgeous dish cloths!!! I love the camper one, too cute..

    Jodie ;)

  8. I love Lindy's cloth...very pretty in white. She's a very clever and talented young girl.

    happy spring :)

  9. That shawl is beautiful. I love the little camper dishcloth. Man that brings back some good memories. I should make one of those and send it to my grandparents as they move down south with their camper every winter.

  10. I love your shawl!! The cloths are very nice also.

  11. OMG I've lived down here for 12 years and I did not know that the Bradford's actually produce pears LOL. Okay I'm blonde LOL. Will you be willing to share your fried pear pie.


  12. What a beautiful picture you've added to the top!

  13. That there bluebird is supposed to be setting on MY empty bluebird box
    in my backyard! lol!

  14. Lovely photos!
    I've got some purple S&C yarn out (I guess it's "violet") and I'm fixing to make your violet cloth. I've been working on a couple of other things first but may put them aside and get some hook action going.

    I love the shawls you made/are making. Gorgeous.

    Thanks for coming by my blog, btw.


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