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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Come On In, Y'all

There you are. Come in, and have a seat. I'll pour you a cup of hazelnut creme coffee while we visit. Vanilla caramel creamer with your coffee?

Now that you're here I get to bend your ear a bit but not all of it about my knitting. ;)
See the ceiling in the picture below? Well, it had a few water stains from when our roof leaked...three years ago and a few little stains just above the stove from a very large batch of apple butter. (oops) Anyways, we got a new roof when the leak happened (Goodman did his part), but the ceiling just sorta hung there waiting to be freshened up. I never said I was quick, did I? oO Never mind. Now, voila, at long last, I painted it. So I rewarded myself with a new look around the top of the walls, blackberry vines at 50% off the regular price. Goodman even likes them. I keep lookin' up. The mitts are finished. I'm calling them Stretching Fingerless Mitts because I added to the length where the hand bones connect to the finger bones. Sing it. I knitted a couple of Scalloped Waves Spa Cloths. (Sugar & Cream Summer Splash from Hobby Lobby) Peaches & Creme Pink Lemonade from Walmart. Aloha, Yall!


  1. I can almost taste that coffee! :) Thanks!! The dishrags are beautiful, I need to try that pattern!

  2. Oh that is the beset coffee! I only drink creamer with flavored coffees. What a treat!

    The ceiling is awesome! I honestly couldn't keep my eyes off that piece of furniture. :)

    I had to do the same thing with the Fetching pattern. It's just not long enough for adult hands. Yours turned out lovely.

    Where are you getting the cotton in such fantastic colors? I must be going to the wrong store.

    Are you snowed in? There's about 6 inches so far in my part of West Virginia.

    Have a great day!

  3. Thanks for the coffee and inviting me for a visit!!

    I have vines like that hanging above vertical blinds in my living room!!

    I love them!!

    Great job on the mitts!! They look so nice and warm. I've never made fingerless.

    And your cloths are lovely also!! Is that summer breeze in the first one? I think I have pattern almost exactly like that. What color is the second one? They look nice and summery! It's snowing here today!! YEAH!!

  4. Oh, Lesley Ann & Beth, I wish we were snowed in!! It's a rainy, grey, grey day, but we're promised a few flakes later in the week. Hope springs eternal, I say. Sorry I left out the colorways of the yarns when I did this post, Y'all. I'm installin' my new No.1 blog posting rule for me:
    Do not post while talkin' on the phone & I better not forget

  5. yummy coffee... I luv it! lol I made my own gloves they're not as cool as those ones because I crocheted them. But they serve the purpose well!

    lucky 4 u know how to knit better than I do! lol

  6. Your pics are so good. I need to develop better picture taking skills.

  7. All the knitting looks great. Boy, you have been busy. It's the perfect time for those gloves. Here it's a balmy 20 degrees! Note that I said balmy. Our weather has been cold, cold, cold!

  8. you did such a good job on your ceiling that I will let you paint my ceiling for free! those water rings do not show unless you look upwards!
    you might have to relocate a few spider webs in my ceiling corners.

  9. wow- you've been busy! I have a ceiling the could really use a fresh coat - ugh.

  10. The ceiling looks great. We have a ceiling in need of paint. Hopefully that will happen soon.

    I'm working on some "Stretching" mitts, too. Mine are black Encore for my 15 year old. I added an extra repeat of the cable round then 4 more rows of the ribbing.

  11. Peaches & Creme Pink Lemonade is one of my very favorite dish cloth yarns. Love it!

  12. The blackberry leaves look lovely across the top of your walls and those two spa cloths are beautiful.

  13. I love the vines. That's a great idea. The colors of those dishrags are beautiful, and your fingerless mits turned out really well. I love all the twists in it. Hope you have a great weekend!

  14. I love the colors of the wash cloths. I always love to see what you are making.

  15. hello from one mountain gal to another

  16. You did a great job decorating your the top of your walls...very nice :)

    Love your cloths...remind me of spring which I need badly after the winter we've been having. Love the fingerless mitts...good idea making them longer :) Bet they are warm!

    Take care now...I can smell your delicious coffee...thanks :) {{hugs}}

  17. I just found your blog and was reading some earlier posts. Especially loved the Cades Cove entry. I used to live in the foothills of the Smokies and spent many happy, peaceful hours in the Cove. Moved to Texas seven months ago and miss the mountains most of all. Thanks for your post that made me remember why I loved Tennessee.



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