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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Mitts, Pears & Pickin' A Winner

Adknittingly, I've been working on these fingerless mitts. I'm using Lion Brand Wool, and tweaking as I go for a longer mitt than the pattern would make otherwise. I do like the cables so I'm knitting those according to the directions at the wrist and adding more at the fingers. I'll refrain from griping about having to restart the second one over because my knitting got tighter, making it smaller than the first one. I hope I'm not getting second mitt syndrome. Yikes. Guess who's been making more pincushions? Enter the pears...pincushions they are. I used this free pattern to make them. Um, I made four, actually, so I think I've gotten my fill of making those now....maybe.
Twenty-nine wonderful readers entered my Great Smoky Mountain Giveaway. Thank you to all for your nice comments. I appreciate that very much. And now, the giveaway results are in, and I'm happy to say the winner was chosen in the most stringent scientific manner. First, I printed out all of your blogging names and cut them apart.
I folded and piled all the names in the middle of this decidedly birdy fabric and..

Scientifically, from 2 feet in the air above the table, I dropped the burgundy-ish pear pincushion on top of them, scattering them to tomorrow and beyond.... Well, okay, only one hopped off the fabric, but as there could be only one winner that was good enough, I say. Sir Isaac Newton would have been proud, anyway, maybe... maybe not.
The point is we have a winner! Squinting at the out-of-focus picture reveals Lesley Ann of From My Left Hand blogging fame has won the Great Smoky Mountain Giveaway. (click for a bigger pic) Congratulations Lesley Ann!
Note to Margaret: Oh, you just missed the drawing! I think you must have posted your comment while I was working on this post which was after the winner was decided. I'm so sorry. Also, I've tried numerous times to leave comments at your blog (and the new one), but the type of word verification on your blog(s) will not load for me. I think the problem is my dial-up connection on AT&T. Grr.
Have a great week, Y'all!


  1. Wow. I am sitting here at my computer (of course!) and I've read the post three times to make sure I was the winner of these great prizes. I'm shocked. And I'm so happy! I've looked at those beautiful Cades Cove photos just about every time I've gotten on the computer this week. :-)

    Thank you so much.

    Lesley Ann

  2. I'm sorry. I'm so excited at my good fortune that I forgot to say: I love fingerless mitts and am actually on the computer to find a pattern to make a pair for myself using leftover red merino. I might use that one, although I've not knitted cables before.

    Also, as always, the pincushions are great. The variety of fabric really makes them beautiful.

  3. Congratulations Leslie Ann...

    The mitts are beautiful, well at least the one finished is, lol

    And I love the pincushions...

  4. Congrat's to the winner!
    I love knitting fingerless gloves. I'm sure you won't fall victim to second glove syndrom!

  5. heyyy.. I like those pears. That is great fabric, even if it IS froo-frooey...teehee
    One And Only says "good lookin' blog"^)

  6. Glad to see you knitting again :) Your fingerless mitts are wonderful...I really should have tried a pattern like that instead of individual fingers for my and learn. Your pear pin cushions are them :)

    The winner of your contest is very lucky indeed :)

  7. Cutest pears I have ever seen!
    great job on the pin cushions!
    love that birdy fabric too!

  8. The pears are adorable!! Congrats to Lesley Ann!! :)

  9. Hello Tea!

    Congratulations to Lesley, and what a lucky girl!:o) Tea the glove is beautiful! I just know the compliments will surely come wearing those pretties! Loving those pretty red cardinals too, that fabric is so beautiful! You have a lovely evening and a beautiful rest of the week!



  10. ....(eyeballs Nana's blog wondering if she can 'maneuver' a pair of those mittens outta Nana?!?)

  11. Love the fingerless mittens. Those pear's are really neat. I've seen those posted on a few other blogs as well. =) Great job

  12. Your Fetching mitts are so beautiful and I love the pairs too!

  13. Yay for the winner! I also love those pear pincushins. I take my hat off to your craftiness.

  14. Hi Tea,
    I always enjoy visiting your blog and seeing what you are doing. I've awarded you with the Kreative Blogger Award. Please visit my blog for details.


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